Monday, June 5, 2017

Did The Donald Go Crazy Over Another Mr. Khan?

Khizr Khan
William of Ockham, a Franciscan Friar, 1287-1347 A.D.,  is frequently credited with the "Law of Parsimony," that is, that the simplest explanation for something has the greatest possibility of being the truest.

Is it possible that Donald Trump gets over-analyzed, sometimes getting more credit than he is due?

We all remember Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father of an American soldier killed in Iraq, but, also a Muslim, who criticized presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Mr. Khan and his wife, Ghazala, were Pakastani Americans.

Sadiq Khan
Yesterday, President Trump, went off on the Mayor of London, who happens to also go by the name Khan, Sadiq Khan, to be exact, a British Pakastani.

Trump took the mayor's words totally out of context, implying that he cautioned Londoners to "not be alarmed" over terrorism, when, in fact, Khan said they should "not be alarmed" over increased police presence to provide security.

It was just another one of the Donald's reckless tweets, but, maybe there's a very simple, not too complicated, parsimonious explanation for it. Maybe Donald simply tripped out on the name Khan!

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