Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Commissioner Tetreau to Declare June LTBT(Q) Pride Month at City Commission Meeting

Commissioner Jessica Tetreau will use the proclamation slot at the start of tonight's city commission meeting to declare June LGBTQ month, the first city in the RGV to make such a declaration.  While nationally, the LGBT organization represents the interests and advocates for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders, locally the group adds a "q" to the acronym, referring to "queers."

Beatrix Lestrange
According to the website "Neta," Tetreau has worked closely with Joe M. Uvalles II, AKA "Dragtavist" Beatrix Lestrange, the Grand Marshall of the "Pride in the Park: Love Without Borders" celebration to be held at the McAllen Convention Center June 24.

The STEP(South Texas Equality Project) Facebook site details the event:

PRIDE in the Park - the largest community lead PRIDE Celebration in the RGV - is back!

Join us for a music festival celebrating the RGV LGBTQ+ Community at the McAllen Convention Center - Oval Park! Come celebrate PRIDE Month - South Texas Style - featuring local artists, drag loteria, food trucks, vendors, resources, giveaways, and so much more! 

In addition to enjoying an outdoor concert on the spacious lawn of the convention center, this event will bring you together with various businesses, organizations, agencies, and individuals who are serving, empowering, celebrating, and advocating for the RGV LGBTQ Community. 

Come OUT and connect with organizations working to make the Valley an accepting and diverse place. Family and pets on leash friendly!

We are asking a suggested donation price of $4 per adult at the door, but we remain committed to serving everyone in our community and will not turn anyone away! All proceeds will go towards next year's PRIDE, HIV prevention and education, and combating LGBTQ inequality in the RGV! We appreciate your support!


  1. I knew it. Jessica was born a man!

    1. Jessica likely expected comments like the above before supporting LGBTQ month. Somewhat courageous, don't you think?

  2. Jessica respects others that's why she supports LGBT.

  3. This LGB QRSTUVWXYZ group should hold their events in private because they do not know how to behave in public. They are highly sexualized and enjoy shocking ordinary families with their perverse activities. FAMILY FRIENDLY IS BULL SHIT. KEEP IT CLEAN PERVS.

  4. Jim, tell us the truth. Do you want your grandkids to turn out gay? Be truthful.

  5. Men with men. Women with women. What's next? Pretty soon men with women will be demonized.