Thursday, June 29, 2017


UB40, British Reggae Band
HIJAB-CORE, All-Girl Muslim Rock Band, Indonesia
Darius Rucker, Black Country Singer

Brownsville Artist Honoring Indigenous Art


  1. In 1990, Ivana Trump said under oath that her husband flew into a fit of rage due to the pain and displeasure with a scalp reduction surgery, performed in 1989. Also known as alopecia reduction, the surgery is intended to correct balding, and involves cutting the bald spot out and sewing the remaining skin back together. The tightened scalp can cause headaches and swelling. The man who allegedly performed the surgery was Ivana’s own doctor, Dr. Steven Hoefflin. He’s most famous for extending his services to Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Joan Rivers, among other stars. Hoefflin also performed liposuction on the chin and waist of our now president, according to Ivana’s deposition. (She rescinded part of the deposition, which included rape allegations).

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  3. Poor trump, he's being attacked. Mommy, they are picking on me again

  4. That's the McGuffin: Trump's tie to Russia is money-laundering for billionaire oligarchs and the Russian Mob --- which are indistinguishable. Somewhere in the FSB or GRU files there is a little packet of documents detailing just how much illegal work Trump and co. have been doing for these gangsters --- and if he stops kissing Putin's posterior that little packet will wind up at the FBI, IRS, Fincen, and NYT. Forget about golden showers --- that is kid stuff like the "Access HOllywood" tape, which didn't hurt him. The other business could put himn in Club Fed and he knows it --- which is why he does such desperate (and stupid) things to fend off the investigation.

  5. Well, I’ve read rumors and/or links that Trump’s very upset and angry about the investigation into Russian hacking/interference. Perhaps it’s because he knows that payment to his pals in Russia is due, and right now, our democratic process is rendering him unable to deliver.

  6. I hate Trump because everybody says I should hate him. I don't care about facts. I don't even want to see facts. Please keep the facts to yourself. I hate him because he won and he says mean things. Can't somebody make up something about him colluding with the Russians so we can impeach him.



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