Monday, May 15, 2017

Letty Perez-Garzoria Defends Trump~Again!

From the editor:  Incalculable hours of logic have been wasted on Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses and Trumpites, all so desperately and permanently brainwashed, brain-dead, living in a total mental fog, facts falling off their torsos like resaca water washing off a Barnard Street duck's back.

Of the most fervent of local advocates of Trumpism, multiple-times political candidate, Letty Perez-Garzoria, posts daily to Facebook articles from various rightwing online websites, sites filled with stories about Michelle Obama being a crack addict, Bill Clinton having aids, etc., online sites with the same integrity as the original National Enquirer.

Here is Letty's most recent Trump defense,
Letty Perez-Garzoria
published on Jorge Lerma's Facebook after the Washington Post story broke about Trump releasing classified goodies to the Russkies:

"There you go again, newsflash, Hillary lost the election, the good part the election was over November 8th , the bad part you have no recollection of it ? ? ? 2020 will be around soon enough,, Trump will take it in a sweep,, but that's my all American spirit talking, and that's okay by me! Take care, see you soon!"

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  1. Airhead. Needs loving? LOL!!!!!!!!!


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