Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is There Anything Donald Trump Wants or Needs from the Hidalgo Flea Market?


  1. From all outward appearances, Trump is not a well man, physically or mentally. He has the limited vocabulary and shockingly nonlinear sentence structure of an immigrant new to English. You can only imagine what mornings are like up there in the White House private quarters: the sleeping garments, the personal-grooming routine, the bronzer, the spray volumizer, and the careful hair placement, interspersed with continual tantrums over what the morning television shows are saying about him. Actually, put all those thoughts out of your mind. I’m sorry I even brought them up.

  2. Yes, all the illegals he wants to deport and people paying taxes

  3. Doubt they have a muzzle big enough for the great orange yam....


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