Friday, April 7, 2017

Rose Gowen Campaign Dines at Mayor Martinez' Two Establishments

Commissioner Rose "Ugh!" Gowen
City Commissioner At-Large B Rose Gowen wants your vote every four years but never your opinion.  Citizens who've had the misfortune of interacting with the commissioner while disagreeing with her policies, describe her as "arrogant," "rude," "drunk with power," and "ugly."

Gowen has not been a good steward of taxpayer assets, joining Tony Martinez in squandering $3,500,000 on a dozen unneeded buildings in 2012, taking them off the tax rolls and offering to "convey" the city's precious Lincoln Park to the ultra-rich University of Texas system.  At a meeting of UT regents, shortly after the city approved the Lincoln Park transfer, the regents in affect laughed their asses off about stealing the park from rubes.

Gowen has been a consistent, blind supporter of Mayor Tony Martinez.  That's not surprising since Martinez was instrumental in getting Gowen elected the first time around.

Mayor Tony Martinez
Gowen's recent campaign finance report shows the campaign dined at Tony's two eating establishments, spending $430.51 at Lola's Bakery and $87.08 at Spanky's Burgers.

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  1. Those don't look like the healthiest of options. Ugh!



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