Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Has Mike Hernandez III Bought Himself A Blogger?

The goofy, "high end" car leaser, Mike Hernandez III, who lives in uppity Colleyville, TX while pushing autos in Dallas, may have bought himself a blogger.

You may remember Mike as the purchaser of all those cryptic OP. 1033 billboards that littered the city a year ago.  Mike was using the advertisement to launch his campaign to "bring Brownsville out of poverty by 2033."

That mindset, motivation is acceptable, unless you want to throw around your greenbacks to influence the TSC and Port of Brownsville races to gain local control.  Mike tried, $140,000 worth of trying and lost his ass.  He backed dogs in every race.  An outsider trying to be an insider!

Mike blamed the blogs for their inhospitality and sued one blogger who he thought had crossed the line of libel.  That suit was settled and Mike moved on, trying his own hand at blogging.  He created the blog below, but never worked up a single article.  How hard can it be to express your love for Brownsville and desire to make change?

The Blogspot of Mike Hernandez III

Mike Hernandez III Helps Brownsville, Texas, Community Thrive

A recent email alerted to a change in strategy:

"Jim, Mike Hernandez III is paying XXXXXX to write propaganda for him. It's a marriage made in heaven for both of those rejects."

I won't reveal the individual mentioned, but he's an out-of-towner who once worked for the Brownsville Herald.

If Mike III has hired this fellow, they make an almost perfect couple. We wish them nothing but bliss.


  1. Jim, Hernandez also paying Juan Montoya! WTF!!!

  2. Heard Hernandez sent him a check for $20,000. Hope you stay with this story.

  3. If in fact, Mike is also paying Juan Montoya, would you "unmask" him?

    A faithful reader of your blog.



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