Friday, March 24, 2017

Donald Can't Close the Deal! Trumpcare Dies!


  1. Nothing to say after Govea trial verdict? You're weak, Jim. Real weak.

  2. Not even 100 days into his Presidency this guy is a bona fide LOOOSER JOKE!!!

    I'm crying liberal tears... of laughter at this pathetic DOOFUS!!!

    Are you WINNING yet Trumpies?

    WINNING so much you hate it right...

    How pathetic. It's true, all the Trump voters I know are poorly educated. Kind of dumb, reactionist, secretly racist if not overtly so. It appears they staked their entire mental stability on the idea of this white knight President saving the day after that black one they couldn't tolerate, because BLACK

    Yet whitie just tried to kill off his own unemployed voters. Did you notice Trumpies? Your great leader just tried to kill you and your parents.

    1. Wow! You sound really angry. You need help. All your anger is not gonna change the fact that Trump is President, so just let it be. Don't waste your life being hateful.

    2. Can't wait until he's impeached. Treason. Won't last a year


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