Thursday, September 1, 2016

Former Mayor Pat Ahumada Weighs In On Hit-and-Run Accident Killing Mary Tipton

In an accident you do not need a shoulder, you STOP at point of impact. It is ridiculous to try and create a perception that she did not know what she hit. At point of impact, you know the difference between a bird, dog, deer or human. It is bull to make excuses and killing Mrs Tipton and not stoping has nothing to do with anyone's past history. To me this was murder, because she drove off. If it had been an accident, she would have stopped at point of impact and done all she could to get help. Accidents happen, but leaving a person to die is murder.


  1. I absolutely agree 100% . It was murder the second she drive off and didn't stop and render aid !! Manipulative from the moment of impact!! Shame on her for trying to say otherwise

  2. That's exactly right! Something must be done about this!

  3. 3 Days passed! And she never went back or admitted to it, till someone found the body. Had no one found the body she would have never admitted to it.
    I think we can all tell the difference between a skunk and a human. Skunks are not 4 to 5 feet tall! She is guilty!

  4. At point of deposit you know if a check was made to you or not. It is bull to say you did not see your name on a check that you are depositing into your account, especially one for 26 thousand dollars. It is bull that it was a mistake, it was theft.

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  6. Ralph Tipton is frustrated as to how things are done in Cameron County by law enforcement. Ralph is seeking help to get justice for his wife Mary Tipton and his children, but feels the FBI and those entrusted to investigate are looking the other way. Ralph said he contacted the FBI and got no results, which is not surprising. Ralph feels the district attorney’s office has failed to hold Marisa Govea Hernandez accountable for killing his wife and leaving the scene of the accident.
    I told Ralph the need to rise up and demand justice for Mary Tipton by hosting vigils in front of the Cameron County Court house requesting a Special Prosecutor be appointed, along with an outside investigative task force for Mary Tipton’s voice from the grave be heard all the way to the Attorney Genera’s office. I told him to network through social media and let others know how Mary Tipton died and how Marisa Govea Hernandez has not been held accountable. I told him to hire a private investigator to review everything, recreate the scene of the accident, and name all involved in a report that shows how investigative protocols were not followed.
    It is unbelievable how Marisa Govea Hernandez killed a person, ran away from the scene because she was thinking only of herself and how evidence was destroyed. It is inconceivable how her son, a deputy sheriff is allowed to intervene in a conflict of interest investigation and is still working for the sheriff’s department.
    I hope many of us will support Ralph Tipton in his quest for justice for Mary Tipton

  7. I support Ralph all the way. It was murder the minute she drove off. And to read the Comment above, where someone tried to discredit Mr Barton, is truly pathetic. If that moron had half the sense and tact that Mr Barton has, he himself could be eating free food at these exercises......
    Ralph has done an outstanding job creating enuff smoke so that people are looking into this....All the injustice that has happened, not only to his wife Mary,but to many MANY others in the town of Brownsville and the state of Texas, is obsurd. Humans SHOULD NOT be treated this way......and just because you have a badge or a "law" position...doesn't give you the RIGHT to act or do like this either! Support Ralph Tipton in this....STAND UP and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!
    God bless you all and give u strength.

  8. This is coming from Mr Pat. The drunk driver who got away with 3 DWIs from Brownsville Police Department. Why don't you say about that , how they helped you out! What an image to the city. Let me google your name Mr Pat



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