Monday, September 12, 2016

Bicycle Rentals Available at City Plaza If You Have Access to a Tablet, Smart Phone or I-Pad and Can Get A Ride Downtown

If you're without transportation, you now have an additional option. You can walk, thumb a ride or take Brownsville Metro most of the way to City Plaza.  There you will find a Zagster bike rack with locked bicycles available for rent.

Derek at Zagster headquarters was not as cooperative as he was last week, when we reported the installation of the rack and tried to ascertain the rental rates, and would not give us the direct number to the company's marketing department.  No problem. We already had it.

Shanika, at the rental desk, asked first for the city and then, the zip code.  

"I found it!" she finally said and quoted us the rental rates for those wanting to use one of the bicycles in the rack along E. Levee in front of City Plaza.

The rates quoted by Shanika were far lower than those on the Fort Wayne, Indiana website. Hopefully, she wasn't as confused as she seemed.  

"It's 35.00 annually or $15.00 per month or $2.00 per hour, " Shanika stated.  

"Well, you'd be better off paying $2.00 per hour than $15.00 per month AND $2.00 per hour," I offered.

"No, if you pay the $15..00 per month or $35.00 per year, your first daily hour is free.  Your $2.00 per hour starts with the second hour," explained Shanika.

Would-be riders, who make it as far as City Plaza to rent a bike, will need an I-Pad, tablet or smart phone to download the Zagster App, so they can give the fledgling company their credit card information.  

Apart from being remotely connected to the internet, there is the matter of getting to City Plaza to rent a bike.  Good luck!  


  1. It's probably cheeper going to a pawn shop and buy a stolen bike. LMAO LMAO
    Only libtards would come up with such a ridiculous STUPID business. I wonder how much taxpayer money is subsidizing this idiocy!!!!

  2. Brownsville being Brownsville. Bicycles is a huge step down. Just ridiculous

  3. These motherfucker are not liberals, they are just mamones. And as for the poor without transportation, "Let them eat cake!"

  4. Probably our flourishing Downtown, and all those Cosmopolitan Commuters will make the business successful, all those healthy Seniors and customers from Matamoros will benefit too.