Thursday, September 15, 2016

Are We Witnessing the Demise of United Brownsville, Our Taxpayer Supported, Unelected, Shadow Government?

BCIC Board Meeting, 9/15/2016
Let's jump straight to the bombshell.  The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, meeting in its unnecessarily leased building on Village Drive Thursday at 3:00 PM, was considering approval of its 2017 budget, when city commissioner and board member, John Villarreal, raised a question about the $20,000(formerly $25,000) allotted for United Brownsville.

"We've heard some things about that group recently.  Some entities are no longer sending their contribution.  What if we send $20,000 and the group falls apart?  Can we 'protect our money,' so to speak?"

That was the first we'd heard about United Brownsville disbanding.  It wasn't until we got back home later tonight and read Juan Montoya's El Rrun Rrun about Mike Gonzalez not being retained as executive director that any "discouraging words" about United Brownsville had been heard from city sources.

BCIC Executive Director Rebeca Castillo
This and other blogs have been over this many times.  No one can explain what United Brownsville does to deserve $20,000 in taxpayer money from BCIC. BCIC's Executive Director Rebeca Castillo mumbled something about the resaca projects.  Give me a break! United Brownsville did not initiate, is not funding, supervising or organizing the resaca renewal.  It is just one of many city projects they talk about in their meetings, as it it were their own, in a feeble attempt to justify their existence and squandering of tax dollars to administrate that existence.  It's a clever con, but a con, nonetheless.

Certainly, it's questionable that the Cameron County Commissioners Court would choose to fund a group promoting only one city in the county.  To their credit, they've ceased to contribute.

A case could be made for the idiocy of Texas Southmost College to contribute to an entity tied to only one city in their very extended tax base and intended student recruitment.  Why should parents in Harlingen, for example, pay tuition to TSC, knowing that part of that money will be used to "promote Brownsville?"  Texas Southmost College no longer funds United Brownsville.

The Port of Brownsville has ceased contributing.

When P.U.B. contributes money to United Brownsville, it comes from ratepayers who've already paid once as City of Brownsville residents, then, once again from BCIC taxpayer dollars and, then again, from GBIC taxpayer dollars.  If they pay tuition for their kids to go to TSC or have a home in Brownsville or Cameron County, they pay dues, yet again to United Brownsville.

Yet, the voters have never elected one person to serve on the United Brownsville Coordinating Committee.  


  1. Replies
    1. Pat you were 100% correct. democRATA CORRUPTION in full display.

    2. And what are you? ( from one anon to another)

    3. You are correct Mr. Ahumada

  2. I have always believed it to be a gross scan and should be done away soonest.

  3. Cris Valadez, give it up. Do not impose your hate on those who love Brownsville and get involved. You tend to be toxic by invading the blogs with your hate. Every one knows it is you Chris. Like your friend Robert said and to quote, "Chris is obsessed with Pat Ahumada and is crazy". So, let others who care about our city have their say so one way or the other without you interjecting and going on your rants of hate against me, which takes away from the post. Get help or take up your problem with me, instead of spreading your toxic waste on the rest of the people that want to have conversation.

    On another note, there is going to be a blog radio format in the near future in Brownsville, which will allow citizens to voice what they think on matters such as this and expose people like Valadez who have nothing to offer, but hate.

  4. On another note, the Imagine Brownsville/United Brownsville creation and existence is owed to Carlos Marin, Eddie Trevino, Fred Rusteberg and most of all to those on the commission who approved it, Camarillo, Gowen, Troiani, Longoria, Garza, and Atkinson. This scam cost citizens directly and indirectly millions, while those who blasted me for opposing it walks away as if nothing happened. After all it was not there money, it was taxpayers money. This is just one example of how reckless some elected officials are with taxpayers monies, other real estate deals the city has paid millions for to scam taxpayers. Not only that, but projects like the Sports Park that was covered up with an fixed audit tailored to protect Atkinson and Cabler, we also see it with Gowen's bicycle agenda that sacrifices city's priorities and needs to accommodate personal crusades. This is what Brownsville gets with the type of leadership we elect. Now, if you will note these elected officials run in packs. They spend more time politicking than doing their job they were elected to, because it is all about them and staying in power. Their definition of public service is the what is in it for me and not serving the citizens of Brownsville. They think the treasury is theirs and think they are not accountable to no one, but to the pack they run in to support each other to stay in power.

  5. One of the few things you are right about Pat. How do you feel about your plastic bag ban that is about to be over turned? Which is nothing but a tax on the poor.

    1. I hate the ordinance, but we have to think about the world we are leaving to our children and all the living creatures whose lives are adversely affected by those non-degradeable plastic bags. Brownsville is cleaner. I support Pat's decision on helping pass the bag ordinance.

  6. Bring Back The Bags!!

  7. Excellent question, while we may have a different perspective on the issue, I will tell you that my intent was to protect our environment, reduce landfill waste, and clean our city. All of which is accomplished by the ordinance. Now, define poor? Is poor being supported by taxpayers through social programs like housing, food stamps, free legal representation when needed, free medical care and other social tax supported subsidies and programs? If this is your decision option of poor, then we do not have poor people being burden with their volunteered donation to improve their community that has been very generous to them. Donating a $1.00 for all the bags needed when shopping is optional, they can take reusable bags, refuse to bag them and carry them in the cart to unload into their car or complain hoping the ordinance is repealed so they can add more burden to the taxpayers that supports them in order to deal with all the issues the ordinance deals with to improve our city.

  8. You tell'em Pat, even though I find the ordinance a major pain, I support it.

  9. Bottom line the dirty little secret as to who really are the trashy people that liter our streets and city, the illegal aliens living here and Mexicans that come to our city. Most Americans are good stewards of our environment. Here in Texas we grew up with "Don't Mess With Texas" and to this day I rather trash my own vehicle than throw something out the window. These "messicans" are dirty people and have no respect for their own country much less for ours.



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