Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Italo Zarate Claims Dr. Tercero Was Wronged by the TSC Board of Trustees and Will "Beat These Culprits in Court"

TSC Trustee Dr. Reynaldo Garcia
Brownsville resident and frequent Brownsville Herald Letter to the Editor contributor Italo J. Zarate strongly disagrees with the termination of TSC President Lily Tercero.  Zarate's view of the matter seems to dovetail with the views of TSC Trustee Dr. Reynaldo Garcia, who Zarate quotes in his letter published in today's Herald.

According to Zarate, Dr. Tercero "met all the objectives given to her by the board of trustees and some say she even went the extra mile."

"Normally someone with these credentials gets a pay raise, not a pink slip," Zarate says.  What Zarate did not mention in his letter is that Tercero had been actively seeking positions at other community colleges, submitting at least two applications in the last 4 months.  

Mr. Zarate describes Tercero as "a strong woman who I hope will beat these culprits in court."

Dr. Lily Tercero
Actually, if Tercero appears in court any time soon, it may be as a defendant for her unethical and likely illegal bypassing of the Board of Trustees to unilaterally sign a million dollar windstorm contract with an insurance vendor.

Not communicating with the Board of Trustees seemed to be a bad Tercero habit as a once vaunted nursing program fell into probation without any communication from Tercero that things weren't going well.

Even before these administrative issues developed, complaints about "micromanagement" emanated from faculty.  Not surprisingly, under Tercero the faculty attrition rate has been scary.  Educators bristle at being told how to teach by administrators, especially when salary is relatively low.

Italo Zarate and Reynaldo Garcia are simply wrong about Tercero.  Her departure is mandatory for TSC to regroup and grow.


  1. Dr Garcias loyalty to Tercero is strange very strange.

  2. It really starting to look like that old pervert Dr. Garcia has a senile crunch with Tercero, it is the only explanation of why he is going the extra mile to keep her

  3. Dr. Garcia has no credibility. He can't handle being in the minority and is willing to protect Tercero at all costs. Even if it hurts the college

  4. It is clear that the above three remarks were authored by some of the board's majority that have egg in their faces

    1. The real media and Mr. Italo Zarate have embarrassed the majority of the TSC board for their arrogance particularly Adela de la Garza.

    2. Who is Adela de la Garza?

    3. Give you three chances!

  5. Jim Barton: Her departure is mandatory for TSC to regroup and grow. Really? How can the college grow without leadership? We are back to square one. Good luck Jimbo!

  6. Leadership? You are so wrong you senile Tercero worshiper, you can follow her and raise you hand at her command wherever she goes. Good riddence to her now and you in a couple.



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