Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brownsville Cowboy Fans, How Does It Feel to Have Two Potentially Great Rookies Playing in 2016?

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones
Does Jerry Jones even realize how diehard Brownsville's Dallas Cowboy fans are? Likely not. While there are residents who go to Sunday mass, the real masses are in front of their TV sets on Sunday during football season, worshiping at the First Church of the Dallas Cowboys.  If former Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman moved to Brownsville and ran for the House of Representatives, Rene Oliveira would get his ass kicked to La Feria.

H.E.B. clerks and cashiers are in Cowboy jerseys on game day, many attired in Romo 9, others Witten 82 or one of the receivers. The city still celebrates Charro Days, but the city's real charro icons are the Dallas Cowboys, celebrated with Bud Light, guacamole and barbecue every Sunday during the NFL season.

In recent years, Brownsville's Dallas Cowboys have not fared well, once into the playoff segment of the NFL season, with no more success than Brownsville's high school football teams, who've ventured north of Corpus Christi to face players with larger biceps, greater athleticism and speed than produced by the RGV valley's DNA.  Knute Rockne halftime speeches can't overcome simple disproportionate athletic skills.

There's no need to chronicle the Dallas Cowboy"s lack of success in the playoffs since Jerry Jones began chanting; "How'd u like them three Super Bowls?"  The Cowboys have been no closer to the Super Bowl than Brownsville's high school teams to state championships.  In reality, soccer is Brownsville's natural sport, although possibly not as macho an option as "American" futbol.

2016:  The Cowboys of Dallas and Brownsville have two rookies who could, might change their football future.

Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas First Round Selection at Running Back
Ezekiel Elliot, a first round draft choice, played his first game Thursday for the Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks in a pre-season game.  It wasn't Ezekiel's running that caught initial attention, so much as his toughness.  After a short run, All-Star safety Kam Chancellor tried to rough him up a little after a run.  Ezekiel got up off the turf and, embarrassingly, pushed Chancellor back 10 yards or so.  A  play or so later, Chancellor, miffed by the rookie's assertiveness, was called for a late hit, a 15 yard penalty.

Elliot picked up blitzes, ran effectively and clearly showed that "he won't take any shit" from anyone.

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott
Even before Tony Romo's current broken bone, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott was exciting Cowboy fans.  His pre-season quarterback rating leads the NFL and the Cowboys are not the least bit hesitant with him replacing Tony Romo early season.



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