Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yes, Tercero Will Be Removed, But the Priority is Saving Texas Southmost College

Dr. Lily Tercero
As one TSC official explained: "Tercero is over her head."

But, firing, terminating, buying out Tercero, simply has to take a back seat to saving TSC at the moment.

The nursing program is dropping faster than the payload out of a B-52 bomber.

The college has lost a substantial amount of instructors, administrators, experiencing an obvious brain drain over the last couple years.  

Remember, the basic components of a school are instructors and students, without which the campus is just brick and mortar, pavement and landscaping.

Monday night's meeting of the TSC Board at the Gorgas Board Room will essentially begin the process of resuscitating Texas Southmost College.  
The issues that may eventually disqualify Tercero; the ill-advised unilateral windstorm protection agreement, the alleged accounting gaffes, have to take a back seat to saving the school.  The current board majority of Garza, Mendez, Herrera, Hinojosa and Zavaleta have work to do.  Thanks to the departing Kiko Rendon and Ed Rivera, they are hamstrung with Tercero's extended contract and pay raise.

Saving TSC becomes even more critical with the almost total shift of the now UT-RGV to up valley. As Tony Zavaleta declared at his swearing in last month as a TSC trustee:  "Brownsville no longer has a university.  It is now time for Texas Southmost College to offer a 4 year degree."


  1. TSC absolutely needs solutions now. I see no scenario where Tercero stays as President. She simply can't do the job.

  2. Looks like Tercero is doing for TSC what Tony Martinez is doing for the city.