Thursday, July 28, 2016

Parks Department Employee Pablo Lopez, Former "Employee of the Month," Arrested on Charge of Theft by Public Servant, Class A Misdemeanor

Pablo Lopez
This picture was published on the Brownsville Police Department website today.

The charge has subsequently been lowered to a class "B" and $2500 PR bond, also usual for long time residents. The difference between "A" and "B" is the dollar amount involved. Likely the DA had it right on the edge so either moved to a step lower on a plea deal or reduced the charge to stay on solid ground, possibly a plea deal.

Found this in the City of Brownsville website.  I will check the commission videos to see the person receiving the Employee of the Month award from Charlie Cabler for that February 2013:  

"Last year’s(2013) respective employees of the month are as follows: January, Juan D. Garcia; February, Pablo Lopez; March, Eduardo Ledezma Jr.; April, Erika Espinoza; May, John M. Jones; June, Zenaida L. Vasquez; July, Ruth A. Hernandez; August, Mirna G. Vasquez; September, Ricardo Najera; October, Alma M. Pizana; November, Jose De La Garza; December, Jesus Posada."

At the time Pablo received his award for Employee of the Month, he'd been employed by the City of Brownsville for 23 years.  Cabler mentioned he worked for the city's maintenance division, but in the Parks Department with his principal duties maintaining aquatic equipment.

Mr. Lopez accepted the award, speaking a few words in Spanish.

On the City of Brownsville website, the video for the 2/05/13 City Commission meeting shows Mr. Lopez getting his award for Employee of the Month.  That portion of the video starts at the 14:13 mark and ends at 16:22.


  1. Looks like a City's set up to ripp him out his pension and retirement bonus!!!

  2. What did he steal? Make a call to the police department already.

    1. He stole your thunder Duardo.



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