Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amateur Hour: Trump Campaign Manager Manafort Blames Clinton for Speech Plagiarism

The Trump campaign missed a golden opportunity to admit an error and move on after last night's obvious plagiarism in Melania Trumps' otherwise fine speech delivery.

The damage control by Campaign Manager Paul Manafort was beyond hilarious.  He actually blamed Hillary Clinton for the reuse of two sentences from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech by staff speech writers.

"This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks to demean her and take her down,"  Manafort was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal when asked about the plagiarism.

Not even Trump supporters believe Melania's claim that she largely wrote her own speech.

"I read it once over, and that's all because I wrote it with as little help as possible,'' claimed Mrs. Trump.

Perhaps the most clever bit of spin was offered by passed-over Vice Presidential hopeful Chris Christie, who offered that "93% of the speech is completely different than Michelle Obama's speech."  Chris, it was only the 7% that was plagiarized.  

None of Trumps' aides thought to use the old Flip Wilson excuse:  "The devil made me do it!"

While Melania did a nice job with the speech, her hubby lost some credibility with the way the obvious plagiarism was handled.

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  1. Donald trump made his wife "The National Idiot."



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