Monday, May 9, 2016

Daniel Pizaña Proclaims "Mandate" Despite Ass-Whooping in TSC Trustee Race

The Brownsville Observer
Losing candidate Daniel Pizaña may consider changing his name to Daniel Piñata after the drubbing he took in his quest for TSC Trustee, Place 5. The kid does not see it that way, despite losing to Ruben
Herrera by 3053 votes, 4711 to 1658.(Even OP 10.33 secretary, Beatriz Hockaday, who didn't campaign at all, got more votes than Pizaña with 2109.)

With youthful exuberance, young Daniel acts as if he actually won and received a mandate from the voters. Notice the post-election spin on his Facebook page:

First of all, Daniel, how does your support or lack of it show the community is ready for "change," when you were not running against an incumbent?

Way to keep your chin up, Daniel, but if you do try for public office again, you may want to rethink ties to Carlos Marin, the face of corruption, backdoor deals and election manipulation in Brownsville. 

Tony Juarez Hitches Ride on Titanic(OP 10.33)
Another extremely  poor performer in the TSC trustee races was Antonio (Tony) Juarez, who was initially supported by Adela Garza, Trey Mendez, etc., but inexplicably switched allegiances in an attempt to ride OP 10.33 to glorious victory.  Juarez received a pitiful 1097 votes after hitching a ride on the Titanic. 

Evelyn Cantu with buddy, Sylvia Garza-Perez
The lone survivor of the OP 10.33 disaster is Evelyn Cantu, who faces Dr. Tony Zavaleta in a runoff for TSC Trustee, Place 3.   You may not recognize Cantu in the pic on the left as her aqua/blue campaign signs around town feature a more youthful, attractive  image.


  1. The urge to drink the Kool Aid is practically genetic and cannot be cured. NEXT!

    1. Your mother is next, dude!

  2. The two ladies in the photo look like they just cracked the money safe (Hernandezlll).

  3. In my opinion, this OP.1033 scam would continue to TRY in the upcoming bisd race. Remember the motor scooter guy and previous snake oil salesperson Q???? Well.... this is round two. Jim we, the community, are counting on you to uncover their assessment. Thanks Jim and Nena!!!

  4. And this is an attorney writing a thank you letter???? GOD help us!!!



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