Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Borderland Beat~El Chapo Threatens to Sue Netflix/Univision to Get Paid for his Life Story

Lucio R. Borderland Beat

One would think Joaquin Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo”, has bigger fish to fry without worrying what Netflix and Univision are doing, but today his attorney Andres Granados reported to The Associated Press, that if the studios film and air the planned series of Chapo’s life…they will be sued.

It is not that he is opposed to such a project, he just wants his piece of the pie. He has even offered his services, where for the “right price” he would be willing to assist by providing information that could “make the project better.”

Chapo’s attorney says the networks must pay to use his name and nickname, "If they air this, they are immediately going to be sued.” His contention is that permission must be obtained from Chapo, because he is not dead.

However, they are “willing to, and it would be a pleasure to, negotiate with them (Netflix and Univision).”

You may recall that Chapo signed exclusive rights to his life story to Kate del Castillo, Chapo’s attorney says, that Castillo would also negotiate with them.

If he is successful in getting paid, it is ironic it will be the first time he has earned legit money not procured through organized crime activities. Albeit, it would be legit money from a project highlighting his illegal activities.

Neither Netflix or Univision has rendered a comment.

Drama has surrounded the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, since his recapture last July. It was shortly after the arrest that his family and attorneys began a campaign on his behalf of several grievances. His wife, who until now has rarely been seen, began a PR onslaught which included dozens of interviews, some televised.

The initial theme was the great concern for Chapo’s health. That his human rights were being violated at Altiplano Prison, and his treatment, for example, waking him up from sleep every few hours, had led to never before experienced health issues, such as hypertension.

During that press blitz, Chapo’s wife, Emma, said that Chapo had instructed his attorneys to not fight extradition to the United States, because he felt he would be safer there.

Then on May 7th, Chapo was transferred to Cefereso No. 9 prison in Juarez. Juarez is most likely the last place he would choose to be imprisoned. Not only is it filled with violent enemies, who would love to see Chapo dead, but Juarez prisons are the worst in human rights violations, with hundreds killed and multiple deadly riots each year.

Supposedly, he is isolated from other prisoners, but that has not stopped targeted prisoners from getting killed in the past.

His wife said last week that he is tormented and wishes to return to Altiplano.

However, he has, of course, changed his mind about the extradition. Before the latest transfer, he began fighting it once again.

In other news about the extradition, the United States has quietly dropped murder charges against Chapo in attempts to expedite the transfer.

That is, of course, in Chapo’s favor if he cuts a deal. Despite the fact that he has served time in three prisons, there has never been a conviction against him in Mexico.

Again, a big positive if he plea bargains, in terms of points when determining sentencing.  
He will have no priors.


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