Friday, March 11, 2016

Trey Mendez Speaks at Meet and Greet, Alonso Building, 3/10/16


  1. great video Nena. Thanks so much for coming by. It meant a lot to have both you and Jim there!

    --Trey M

  2. He got my vote .hey why don't you run for mayor one day you and DeLeon running the show I think that's the future of Brownsville.

  3. Dr. Antonio Juarez, candidate for the TSC Board of Trustees, seems to have a very colorful background.

    Police: Terminated South San CFO under criminal investigation.

    DA drops case against South San CFO, months after district fired him.

  4. Haven't Trey, Rene, Adela and Kiko have done enough damage for a lifetime?


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