Monday, December 28, 2015

Patrick Anderson : "Annova LNG Overtly Lies in Brownsville Herald Ads"

From the editor:  The following article, written by Patrick Anderson of Los Fresnos, was published in the Brownsville Herald recently in the YOUR VOICES section:

Patrick Anderson

On November 8 Annova LNG ran an ad in the Brownsville Herald that stated:  "Don't believe the misinformation spread by opponents of the project, many of them are from out of state."

Many opponents are local. Aside from the thousands of letters sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from Rio Grande Valley residents, the proof is in the pudding.  

The following municipalities and organizations have opposed the (LNG) projects, also sending letters to the FERC:

Laguna Madre Water District

Surfrider Foundation, South Texas Chapter

Port Isabel City Commission

South Padre Island City Commission

RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

South Padre Island Business Owner's Association

Laguna Vista Town Council

LRGV Sierra Club

Port Isabel Economic Development Corporation

Point Isabel School Board

Long Island Board of Directors

Those that sent letters of concern to the FERC:

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Sea Turtle Inc.

Defenders of Wildlife

Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

Save RGV from LNG

The concerns of our citizens are valid and stem from researched information.  It is worrisome that Annova LNG would say that some opposition is from out of state, with the goal of invalidating and downplaying concerns rather than addressing them honestly and responsibly.

I oppose LNG facilities due to concerns of public safety, public health, wildlife habitat, pollution, hazards of facilities, national security, economic burden on citizens, use of tax dollars to support companies, tax abatements, pipelines and degradation to local economies.  

The ad is yet another example of a big corporation trying to mislead in the pursuit of money.  It is an ad after all!  It's not that different from the cigarette companies saying their product did not cause cancer or Coca-Cola advertising their Vitaminwater by suggesting it boosts the immune system.  

As with any ad, buyer beware!  Let us remember that billion-dollar fossil fuel companies are in the business of making money, period., They go to great lengths from lobbying our governments, buying officials, down to placing ads like the one that ran in the paper.

Patrick Anderson
Los Fresnos


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