Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Past Comes Back to Haunt Estela Chavez-Vasquez As She Runs for Cameron County Court At Law Place 5

Estela Chavez-Vasquez
Former City Commissioner Estela Chavez-Vasquez has burned some bridges that increase the difficulty of her current pursuit of the office of Judge at Cameron County Court of Law Place 5.

Her campaign for City Commissioner At-Large "A" in 2011 was vigorously supported by Brownsville's firemen and paramedics, yet when the opportunity came to approve their contract, Estela voted "no."  She will get no such support in her current campaign.

A reader has sent us a message of a similar development within Brownsville's Rotary Club.  Apparently, Chavez-Vasquez recently applied for membership in the club to enhance her resume':  

"Some years ago when Estela Chavez Vasquez was running for city commissioner, she was accepted as a member of the Rotary Club of Brownsville; she joined but as soon as she was elected, she abandoned the club and, oh, she didn't pay her dues, yet she claimed club membership and used it to boost her image. 

Now, she's running for CCAL and, wouldn't you know it, she got herself nominated for membership in the Rotary Club of Brownsville. This time, however, the results were different: the club's board of directors unanimously voted 'nay' on her membership! She, thus, has been rejected for membership and will not be able to flaunt Rotary as one of her civic services."


  1. I would not pick her for Jury Duty much less vote for her again.

  2. She's all the Wizard of Oz characters rolled into one--no brains, no heart, and no courage

  3. she is not a bright attorney and would be a disservice to the bench

  4. This woman has seriously discredited her image as a member of the city. She has a horrific attitude and is a disgraceful attorney.

  5. She's worthless and has NO PEOPLE SKILLS.

  6. Please tell us why no one does anything about this conflict with attorneys serving as our county commissioners.

  7. OMG, there is absolutely no way our groups vote will be for her. To be honest, it would be to her benefit to drop out. Sorry to say this but,she did it to herself. She is her worst enemy..Do the right thing and don't run. Noe Robles is a decent man and he has always done the right thing...Our group is with an experienced and honest lawyer (Noe Robles). Estela, for once, do the right thing.

  8. The three from the group that are all running are all corrupt ... they will served their own interests



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