Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting From Point "A" to Point "B" in the City of Brownsville


  1. you missed the big one. when you leave Home Depot you can't turn right to go to west alton gloor because the morrison rd is blocked off before the tracks, which are no longer in use. they should have planned ahead (redundant) to have that section opened for westbound traffic after the trains stopped running to alleviate congestion around the morrison/fwy intersection.

  2. It's not Rio Bank!

  3. Jim,
    Both routes you spoke about are longer than going other ways. If you leave Lowe's make a right and go up McAllen. Then Security if you go straigh you will collide with a vehicle making a left from International to Security. Stay on Boca Chica and make a left at Four Corners. It doesn't take a genius.


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