Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sifting Through the 27 Pages of Documents on City Commission's Trip to Washington DC

First of all, let's reprint the cover letter written by City Secretary Michael L. Lopez spinning the city's version of how the Washington DC trip was financed, the intinerary, etc.:

Please note that Lopez states the the "trip was not paid for by the City of Brownsville, but rather, by the individual members of the City Commission."

That is not exactly true.  The city advanced the money to four commissioners; Tetreau, Portillo, Villarreal and De Leon for the trip commencing 9/22/2015.  It was AFTER my Public Information Request and blog article about the trip of 9/23/2015 that the commissioners reimbursed the city for all or a part of the monies fronted for the trip.

Lopez continues in the letter:  "The records show that a number of meetings were originally set up for members of the Commission with various federal officials and agencies.  . . . . Many of these meetings were unexpectedly cancelled after the tickets were purchased because of the pope's visit."

Perry Finney Brody, Chief of Staff for
Representative Filemon Vela
Shedding some light on the cancellation of scheduled meetings is a memo from Perry Finney Brody, Chief of Staff for Representative Filemon Vela, dated 9/17/2015(In other words, the commissioners knew five days before the trip that the scheduled meetings would likely be cancelled.):  

Subject:  RE:  DC Trip-Delegation Information

Attached is the itinerary.  We only have three meetings scheduled-FCC, EDA and Septime Webre.  Please note:

FCC:  Hopefully, the FCC will not decide to close like many other agencies are planning to do.  Their office is not far from the area where the roads are closed, so it is a possibility.

EDA:  The Department of Commerce is now closed on Sept. 23 because of the pope.  Most people will not be in the building on Sept. 24 but Barrett Haga has kindly offered to come in and meet with the Brownsville delegation.

DHS:  will not have anyone available to speak to the delegation Wed or Thurs because they will be helping with the pope's visit. They would be happy to meet a different week or do a conference call later.

FEMA:  Commissioner de Leon and I had a conference call yesterday with Jason Nelson of FEMA and I forwarded to him materials Jason sent me.  I think he is going to review them and then circle back with me.

Commissioner Cesar de Leon
An included City of Brownsville Expense Report indicates that Commissioner Cesar de Leon was initially advanced, but later reimbursed the city for $1,161.07 including $762.57 for lodging, $248.50 for meals, $141.93 for taxi, 438,20 for airfare, etc.

De Leon also included a memorandum sent to City Finance Director Lupe Granado, detailing his work for the city during the trip.  De Leon states that on 9/22 he "met the Department of the Secretary of State to discuss border issues and the new Consulate of Matamoros."  On 9/23: "A meeting was held with FCC officials, at which time other officials were conferenced in to discuss high speed internet and a grand for BISD."  9/24:  "Met with the Department of Commerce officials to discuss grant opportunities and Economic Development.  Met with the Hispanic Caucus and Congressman Filemon Vela."

9/25:  "5:30 am Return Flight back to Brownsville.  Attended a meeting with MPO upon my return."

Commissioner John Villarreal Attends
Ballet Conference
Participating in a meeting with Septime Webre, Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet was Commissioner John Villarreal. The meeting was held at the Washington Ballet Studios, 3515 Wisconsin Avenue.  

Villarreal reimbursed the city for his $486.11 plane ticket. Commissioner Jessica Tetreau reimbursed the city for $974.56 including $466.20 for airfare, $508.38 for hotel, paying with check #3618.  Commissioner Deborah Portillo reimbursed the city for a $437.20 plane ticket.


  1. I have been quiet on Jessica for a while because while she uses her baby as a weapon to attack people and then silence them by complaining if they respond they are stressing her baby - coward and bad mother - [she is correct about the stress on the baby] But these facts require a response now. Here is a key statement by Jessica which proves her lies.

    Did she consult her doctor to travel to Washington on the people's nickel? No, once Congressman Vela decided to give his allotted number of tickets for access to the White House lawn to the privileged [no special White House invitation - one big lie - as opposed to a lottery system used by other members of Congress - some 40,000 provided to all members of Congress - Jessica says nothing about her plans to do business for the city in Washington and claims she went to her doctor for the Pope - what a freaking pathetic liar - she uses her unborn child as a weapon and then lies about the Pope - you cannot get any lower -

    From Jessica:

    "A few weeks ago, one of the most remarkable things that has ever happened to me, happened. I received word that on behalf of Brownsville, I was being invited to The White House, to be present during Pope Francis historical visit! Immediately, I begged my doctor for permission to travel at this late stage in my pregnancy, which was granted for this special occasion as long as I promised to follow her orders.
    It is truly an honor to be invited and represent the people and city I love with all of my heart to the leader of my faith, Pope Francis'"

    She knew about the Washington trip and knew she needed clearance from her doctor for that trip - so why lie and say it was for the Pope?

    If you post the federal judgment against her business for cheating her workers she accuses you of attacking her children and runs to the police.

    To her supporters - can you all be that dumb? She got lucky they ran Sergio Zarate against her because just about anyone else would have beat her by at least 100 votes.

    Bobby WC

  2. Jessica Tortas es liar la ruca

  3. Ignite Brownsville letterhead. This means you can bitch and whine all over the internet about the logo and Oliveira contract but in the end they're going to do what they're going to do. It's part of the process. We're fucked.

  4. Wightman should keep his delusional focus on his own dysfunctional home life. The kids living under his roof are in misery.

  5. What kids are you babbling about ? And you talk about being delusional ?

    1. Poor Jessica caught in a lie - and has to resort to name calling. She also lied about being offended by the paid bloggers. See comment below

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    4. He brazenly admits he uses other peoples facebook accounts to watch her activity andnnow has a weird obsession with her child. That's the part that bothers me. It goes beyond being delusional.

    5. I'm going to admit that his obsession with Jessica Tetreau and her kid alarms me as well.

  6. In 2015 they can't have everything online and transparent?

  7. Tony Martinez was hoping to garner support of these people by sending to D.C. for the Pope's visit. Now they are being asked to reimburse the city. Great. Let's hope money is really going back to the public. These public servants have proven to be on the take....even though it backfired this time. We should not trust any of these commissioners nor the mayor. They make secret policy, deny public input and often support or make policy that comes from a non-elected organization,,,United Brownsville. This should prove that Martinez is incapable of managing the city....but only wants advice from his elitist friends.

  8. How did these people get airfare at $428 to DC?????

  9. You should research how many times (this year) other city officials have gone to DC.

  10. What does it matter? Big Picture! City funds were used , got caught and reimbursed the city . Family members going along, and they claim it was city business ? What a circus our city government is....pathetic muertos de hambre !

  11. It is ridiculous that they reimbursed the city only after they got caught. So if nobody would have asked anything they would have gladly taken advantage of the tax payers. I find it offending how Jessica claims to be so righteous and that she "paid" for her trip out of pocket when she initially had taken tax payers money. Jessica is as dumb as they come. The only reason she is in that position to start with is because nobody wanted anything to do with Charlie Atkinson anymore.

    Anybody that know Jessica before being elected know she never gave a rats ass about the city. Never did she post anything remotely positive about Brownsville. Now all of a sudden she "cries" and "misses her beloved city" when she is on one of her trips. What a hypocrite! She is always so full of drama and so into herself, how can she worry about her constituents? Oh, thats right, she doesn't. Always upset when questioned and making up excuses and pretending to get offended not to answer. Just recently she wrote,
    "a certain blog is reporting my car was given to me... It wasn't. It's one of the safest cars in the world- and I wouldn't sacrifice that because someone can't accept the fact that these things are important to me."

    Now lets analyze that really quick. Yes, a Tesla is one of the safest cars in the world, but so is a Volvo, not saying she got he Tesla for free, but also Volvo is not building anything in Brownsville. Also how is it that now, "these things are important to me" as she claims. How is it possible that those things where not important or affordable before she came into office? She always drove in that old beat up BMW and old ESCALADE that they had for years, all of a sudden she comes into office and those cars "gave out" and she buys a brand new BMW, a brand new INFINITY, and now a TESLA? Does seem a little suspicious, could it be from possible kick backs? How about the fact that she lived in BCC condominiums and when questioned about the eligibility to run for district 2 all of a sudden she "had been" living in her old house to qualify, and now she has been able to purchase her "dream home"? Where is all this wealth coming from?

    Just some food for thought.

  12. ^^Omg what a sick obsession you have... If you spent half as much time worrying about yourself and your own money, you'd have nice things too.

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