Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pastor Brad Wants Drainage, Tetreau Blasts Martinez During Public Hearing on Proposed Tax Rate Increase

Pastor Brad Burke
Give credit to Pastor Brad, who, despite his frequent role in supplicating God's blessing on City Commission meetings, is not afraid to voice his displeasure with decisions by city government.

Preacher Burke, the only one who spoke out during Tuesday's Public Hearing on raising the tax rate on Brownsville homeowners, addressed the commission:  

"I'm opposed to the tax rate increase, knowing several homeowners already facing the loss of their homes.  But, also, in view of the events of recent days, I suggest the commission table some project that doesn't have to be done this year and do something about the city's drainage problem."

Commissioner Rick Longoria interrupted Burke:

"Every time we have this discussion, people say; 'Don't raise taxes.'  We've already cut the salary in city departments by 5%. I could buy ten acres for a retention pond near Boca Chica and McDavid, but where does that money come from?"

Commissioner Jessica Tetreau
Just before the closing of the public hearing, Commissioner Tetreau was able to get in a quick dig at Mayor Martinez and his pliant City Commission:  

"We could do some of these things if we weren't wasting money on microchips and empty buildings."

Mayor Martinez, with an obvious grimace at Tetreau's remarks, closed the Public Hearing.

The mayor and the commissioners who voted with him to purchase a dozen downtown properties for $3,500,000 taxpayer monies, have NEVER explained the purchases to their constituents.  All but one of those buildings, still sit idle, off the tax rolls, deteriorating daily. One small building, the red brick structure at 7th and Ringgold was called into service as a secondary tourist office, but gets no tourist traffic.  How would tourists even find it as no signage exists along the interstate announcing its existence?

The flagship for this Tony Martinez boondoggle is La Casa del Nylon at 1304 E. Adams Street, purchased for $2,300,000, triple its appraised value, from Martinez crony Abraham Galonsky. Martinez law partner, Horacio Barrera, unethically "negotiated" the crummy deal.  Commissioner Longoria publicly described the purchase as "a great deal."

There is also the matter of the downtown mayor's office that Tony Martinez just had to have at 1101 A E. Washington Street.  The city leased the building for a year, used city crews to remodel it, but the mayor NEVER used it.

Pastor Brad and Tetreau are both correct.  The city has the money to address drainage if its elected leaders had their heads on straight. 


  1. We will never get 'Da Mayor to tell us why those buildings were purchased and surely there is not yet a plan to utilize them. Tony Martinez and his cronies have no contact with the public and don't seem to care about any issues except "downtown" Brownsville. Why should the tax payers pay to re-habilitate the downtown when the property owners downtown refuse to invest in their own property. Most of us seldom have a need to go downtown. Most of us avoid downtown. There is no evidence that the Mayor has a plan...if he does its a secret plan. We have a "planning office" that doesn't seem to "plan" anything; or even have a "plan". What happened to 5 year plans, or 10 year plans. Tony Martinez is a elitist and an incompetent manager.

    1. The plan is to rape the city and line there pockets so the citizens can pay back in 10 years the money they squanderd,that's the ten year plan

  2. Tony Martinez should be arrested for all the shady deals he did to enrich his friends and himself . ...Rick Longoria is a total idiot and seems to be in competition with Rose and Cesar for the Mayor's approval . ...bola de ratas !

  3. Don'tblame me, I voted for "pat"

  4. Well it was about time someone said something! The mayor is a piece of shit and fuck him for the Casa Nylon BS! The tramp Portillo rented that property for many years and it wouldn't surpirse me if she was involved as well. Fuck these PUTOS! 3.5 fucking million dollars on crap and they can't fix a fucking drain! Losers!

  5. Stop complaining Brownsville! We had the chance to replace all these idiots during election time, but no one voted.

  6. The mayor despises Cesar. Tony Rose and Portillo supported Cesar's opponent knowing the thorn he would be. The latest after Portillos dog chipping Mandate backed by Tony is Portillos push to change the cities logo a logo who if ai remember correctly Ty Johnson wrote - nobody has seen,,,,I voted for Pat and Sarkis.....

  7. Portillo is a puppet for Carlos Marin and Oscar Garcia. United Brownsville, shady deals with investors from Dallas, and now an alliance with the mayor. This chick needs a strong opponent who can outsmart Marin and the Garcias.



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