Friday, September 25, 2015

"Orale, Charlie!" Just Not At the Brownsville/Olmito Sports Park

Chutzpuh, The "C" Is Silent, 
But Charlie Isn't

shameless audacity; impudence.

synonyms: audacitycheek, guts, nerve, boldness, temerity
"it took a lot of chutzpah for her to walk in on Owen's bachelor party"

Charlie Clark, formerly the Green Ghost, who, with his not-so-cleverly named sidekick, Mexi-Can, roamed the back roads of Weslaco and Harlingen fighting crime and diabetes, now fills Brownsville driveways with Nissans, cute efficient Japanese cars we used to call Datsuns. Remember the Datsun Bluebird?  I didn't think so.

But Clark was in a different mindset when he allegedly approached our inexperienced City Commission with a fistful of dollars and the crass notion of renaming the sports park adjacent the Interstate across from Olmito, the Charlie Clark Nissan Sports Park. Actually, it would be a package deal with the road entering the park also renamed, Charlie Clark Nissan Boulevard.

Brownsville Toyota During Construction
Brownsville Herald Photo
There were two problems with the alleged Clark proposition to the city.  Brownsville Toyota had located on the frontage road bordering the sports park.  How would the city's image as hospitable to new business be enhanced by allowing a corporation to sink millions of dollars into an enterprise, only to have an adjacent street and park named for a competitor?

Secondly, the sports park was not in the control of the City Commission.  The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation had been expending nearly half of their 4B funds for nearly a decade, paying the debt service and maintaining the park. It's not that the BCIC wouldn't appreciate a little financial relief from the City Commission, but, "you have to pay to play."


  1. Say no to pinche Charlie Clark

  2. lo que tu quieres, Charlie Clark, call it the Orale SPorts Park, me vale madre, just pay the rest of the note on that sinkhole that's draining money away from basic street maintenance and repair and flooding of neighborhoods. Its not his fault that Charlie is thinking out of the box now that he knows the weak and inefficient city commission is weak and corrupt and can be had with a pope visit fund and a smile.Is that the real Don Johnson in your pocket or are you happy to see us?

  3. Charlie Clark Es una persona arrogante que se burla de la gente especialmente de la gente que entra a su agencia Nissan y lo roban diciéndole que para que le puedan dar crédito tiene que comprar seguros de motor gran tía extendida en el automóvil es un ratero el junto con todos sus gerentes es increíble que un carro de 17000 dlls termines pagando 32000 y no por mal crédito es por qué te roban y abusan de la gente que va comenzando a establecer crédito Charlie Clark es un pobre hombre que su ilusión era ser artista pero lo que verdaderamente es es un pobre idiota haciendo él ridícula en esos programas mal grabados y muy mal actuados ABRSN LOS OJOS Y NO SE DEJEN ENGAÑAR CHSRLIE CLARK ES UN RATERO

  4. And just what enterprise would be acceptable to you, Jim, to sponsor the sports park. Brownsville is limited in options. If it pays the city or reduces the cost of maintaining the sports park, then "Orale".... We have "State Farm" that an insult to all other insurance companies that didn't bid for the arena sponsorship. Why be negative about a businessman who steps up to benefit the city. Its not like we have many options. The solution for you Jim, must be "let the taxpayers bear the burden of the sports park"....the home that Charlie Atkinson built.

  5. How about that Brownsville Toyota commercial featuring the gyrating chick in the pumpkin orange dress and the ashy highlights? I wouldn't trust anybody with crappy marketing to handle the bigger tasks....que Brownsville Toyota!!!!

  6. It is not about who gets it, it is about how they get it, knowing the servility of some of the City Commissioners and the mayor, it wouldn't be difficult to think, they are looking for a personal profit in the Sports Park deal.

  7. People that work and pay taxes are viewed with disdain, those that do not work, and subsist on the Government Tit are revered. This the the way of our subsidized culture now. Even when it is obvious that our County and City leaders have no clue; these Statist sycophants chose losers over winners.
    Like the Fonz we have all "Jumped the Shark".



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