Friday, September 25, 2015

County Commissioner David Garza: "Public Input Only for Special Meetings"

County Commissioner David Garza
Sometimes a politician will let it slip how he really feels about his constituents, the lowly taxpayers. At Thursday's meeting of the County Commissioner's Court, there was some consideration of changing the meeting times to the afternoon so more of the public could attend.

“Sometimes we have days where we’d like to have more public input,” Pct. 2 Commissioner Alex Dominguez reportedly said according to the Brownsville Herald. “The courtroom is full of county employees.”

Pct. 3 Commissioner David Garza countered that  public input is one of the reasons that special meetings existed.

“We could have special meetings at any time for a special purpose,” Garza said.  

In other words, Garza does not find public input particularly important.  He only wants to hear from the taxpayers on "special" occasions.

Oh, by the way, the commissioners did decide to change the meeting time, but not to the more publicly accessible afternoon. Meetings will still be at 8:45 AM, but on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.  


  1. I caught that, too. The trouble with being a public servant seems to be the public.

  2. Actually, Public Comments are supposed to be allowed only on Regular Scheduled Meetings and not Special Meetings.

    Per Mr. David Garza, "Pct. 3 Commissioner David Garza countered that public input is one of the reasons that special meetings existed".

    Not true! I think Mr. Garza has been at this post for too long. Time to replace him!

  3. He is going to run for County Judge. His wife wants him to. Probably the only one that really wants him to.

  4. Mr. Garza is a PUTZ!

  5. He will have an opponent on the 2016 ballot. We have had enough of David Garza's idiotic remarks and bad attitude.

  6. oh you mean Mr. Conflict of Interest : when he allegedly prescribes the prescriptions of the patients that visit the health clinic at the cameron county annex building in san benito. The one that is just steps away from his county office



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