Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Former Harlingen News Anchor "Sells" City Commission Not Just A Logo, But A "Plan"

Ron Oliveira of Hahn Communications
In his eagerness to push a new City of Brownsville logo through the City Commission 9/15/15, Mayor Martinez illegally cast his vote in favor of the new logo designed by Hahn Communications.  The mayor may need to read the City Charter that allows him to vote only to break a tie.  In this case, with Commissioners Gowen, Portillo and Villarreal voting "aye", the vote was 3-2 in favor.  Martinez announced it as 4-2, counting his own personal preference as a vote.

In the minutes before the "Possible Action," former Harlingen news anchor, Ron Oliveira, in his best Ted Baxter of WKRP voice, oversold the volume of work going into the new city brand. Oliveira first sold himself, his Hispanic heritage and ties to the community.

"Do you want me to read the entire 30 page report?" Oliveira asked rhetorically.  "I didn't think so.  We'd be here till midnight." He proceeded to thumb through the document, excitedly calling attention to various themes.

Oliveira even showed slides and poster board examples of three other logos considered by Hahn, further emphasizing the volume of work that went into the new logo.  As Oliveira moved toward individual commissioners, he strayed too far from the microphone, losing the TV audience at home.  

To gain insight into the history, goals and perceptions of the city, Oliveira mentioned "extensive" interviews conducted with "stakeholders," mentioning Carlos Marin of Ambiotec, Fred Rusteberg of IBC Bank, Oscar Garcia Jr. of Jacobs Engineering and Mayor Tony Martinez.

Commissioner Rose Gowen, also on the
Oversight Committee
An "Oversight Board," including Bean Ayala, former Chamber of Commerce President Maria Hall, Commissioner Debbie Portillo and Commissioner Rose Gowen picked the new logo.(When Portillo complained that she was on the committee, but did not get a chance to vote on the new logo, Assistant City Manager Pete Gonzalez spoke up:  "You only attended one meeting.  The others were there for the entire process.")

Commissioner Jessica Tetreau, while appreciating the hard work done by Hahn Communications, was not happy with the new logo, preferring something more closely tied to Brownsville's history and tropical climate.  Commissioner Cesar de Leon also voted against the new logo.

New logo approved by the City Commission
Outgoing logo

Addendum:  While Hahn Communications was not the highest scorer in firms bidding for the logo/brand contract, the City of Brownsville was likely influenced by the fact that Ron Oliveira is the cousin of State Representative Rene Oliveira.


  1. Thank you Tetreau and De Leon for listening to us citizens of Brownsville. As for the rest of the city leaders, you all can go stick that new logo where the sun don't shine, cause no one wants to see that new logo. The people have spoken. Listen!

  2. Thank you Tetreau and De Leon for listening to us citizens of Brownsville. As for the rest of the city leaders, you all can go stick that new logo where the sun don't shine, cause no one wants to see that new logo. The people have spoken. Listen!

  3. Boooooooooooooooo!!!

  4. Thank you mr de Leon, and Tetreau too, for standing up to high priced compadrismo! the Oliveiras and the Lucios are the root of corruption in this city! We need more clear focused leaders like de leon! Arriba con de leon!!!

  5. Look at this crap: http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/valley/article_e39ce0c2-4f82-11e5-a99d-4f177ecf4283.html

    Not only does this rata claim he works hard as a lawyer, he's a family law attorney pushing himself as a "water rights" attorney. Further, he lists the Rio Grande Regional Water Authority, but his father in law is the Executive Director. Sure that's not a conflict of interest right? Just like those Conflict of Interest Questionnaires everyone has to fill out when competing for public contracts?

    Why don't you tell everyone that you sit on the House Natural Resources Committee and the Governor Appointed SWIFT Committee put in place to oversee the $2 billion in Rainy Day Funding provided to the TWDB?

    I'm sure that influence comes into play when you push for $30,000,000 in funding for the Delta Watershed Project right? Like adding it to the State Water Plan? You pinche rata. You're just making those entities hire you out of fear that you'll blackball them and prevent the funding. If you really gave a shit about the Valley you wouldn't accept $200,000 in fees for your "work." One day someone will have the balls to call you out on this in public and I can't wait to see your reaction and defense of your hard (and corrupt) work ethic.


    See page 5 for the invoice showing services billed during the legislative session. Wait a minute, wouldn't you be on the State's dime during the session? Why would you be billing for services when you're technically elected to be there for your nominal per diem?

    Pinche rata.

  6. Thank you Cesar De Leon, it took great courage to stand up for the taxpayers. You are an example of what this city needs in a mayor!



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