Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Congressman Filemon Vela, the Face of LNG


  1. Here's Vela's letter of support for LNG. I wonder how much money he's getting from the oil and gas industry.

    Also Lucio

    and others....

  2. PHARR - Denisse "La Negra" Diaz, 32, died Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015, at her Pharr residence. Memorial Funeral Home of San Juan is in charge of funeral arrangements.

    Published in The Monitor on Sept. 10, 2015

  3. Republicans never put forth a strong field in presidential races. They do their dirty work at the state level, then just obstruct everything at the Federal level. The GOP never anticipated that retard Donald Trump would commandeer the hordes of rabble that make up the right-wing base, and now they have no control over the process. Media CEOs are dictating to the GOP who can and who can't attend the broadcasted Q&A. Since these are not actual "debates" (that would require intelligent arguments with facts and proof) this will be another lame attempt to shoot down The Donald. Two hours of fluff questions and canned answers provide America with nothing better than another shitty Fox cartoon show.

  4. Jim, check out the local high school dropout rate. My sources say an average of 100 students leave BISD every day. EVERY DAY!

  5. This responders above must want to divert our attention from the issue at hand....the support of LNG by our representative in the U.S. Congress. Not sure why Vela would announce his support for LNG without holding public meetings or hearings. It gives reason to believe that "special interests" might be behind Vela's support for LNG. Has Vela talked with the same public that appeared before the County Commission yesterday?



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