Monday, September 14, 2015

Brownsville Native in Meteoric Rise to the Top of the Heap

Mr. Chris Valadez, Border Initiatives Coordinator
For The Secretary Of States Office
I'm very lackadaisical about frequenting the Links website where professionals network and publicly share their skill set.

Occasionally, I will get a request from someone wishing to be in my "circle," or notice of someone adding a skill to their resume'.

Only today, I received notification that a certain Mr. Valadez had added "Microsoft Word" to his skill set. How surprised to check the link and almost recognize the former Maclovio O'Malley, life-streaming comedian extraordinaire, in a Kennedyesque navy power suit & red tie.

Maclovio, who now goes by the name "Mr. Valadez" has an imitation walnut plaque on his desk with the title:  Border Initiatives Coordinator For The Secretary Of States Office

His previous employment is listed as the Cameron County Judge's Office and St. Joseph Water Corporation.  His Top Skills include Customer Service, Nonprofits, Microsoft Office, Public Speaking, Policy, Government, Training, Project Management, Research and now, Microsoft Word.

According to the Links site, Mr. Valadez also knows about Policy Analysis, Leadership and Team Building.
Mr. Valadez lists his office address as:     San Benito Annex, 1390 E. Expressway 83, San Benito, TX 78586


  1. This crook was fired from PUB for theft...jaja..
    Mamon O Maley. No he can steal with style.

  2. Last time I checked Microsoft Word was part of Microsoft Office which was already a signature top skill for Mr. Valadez.

  3. He looks dreamy! He can Microsoft my words any time....fiu fiuuuu

  4. What a joke this fool is! Pinche pendejo thinks people have forgotten all the vile,mean postings of his over the years......blasting everyone and always conniving on how to rip off the taxpayers . Why do you think Cascos didn't take him with? He's an idiot that never ceases to embarrass his family .Ugh !

  5. Microsoft Word is a complex component of the Office package and it's is extremely difficult to master a fraction of its myriad components plus you have to complete a rigorous six-week online course with very intense focus on fonts and kerning to earn an official Microsoft Word certificate, much like the auto mechanics have ASE certification. I would have bet that the Align Left and Align Right or the Insert tab might give him some problems, given his political and sexual ambiguity. So I congratulate Mr. Valadez for this professional accomplishment. What's next, Quick Time Player?

  6. WhAt is the white stuff all over his face? Now we know why he has that job. Uuuuuuuuuy! Nasty Puto.

  7. he doesn't know how to do anything but maybe sweep and mop. oh well Cascos was smart to keep him in an office far away to avoid embarrassment. He was used and doesn't even know it.

  8. That tonto can't even spell his own name



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