Friday, August 21, 2015

Tony Martinez Needs to be Reined In by a Strong City Manager. . . Charlie????

Mayor Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez continues to struggle with ethics, morality and democratic principles.  In 4+ years at the elected helm of this country's poorest city, Martinez has squandered city assets like crazy, disrespected free speech and made countless backdoor deals to enrich himself and his cronies.

His promise in 2011 to "make a new ethics code a priority of his administration" seems hollow now even to those who once thought he had the skill set to be mayor.

His current thought process, we've been told, is to usurp the City Charter by appointing a search committee to hire a new Airport Director, replacing the departed Larry Brown.  The City Charter distinctly authorizes the City Manager, not the Mayor, to organize such a committee leading to a new appointee.

Brownsville City Manager, Charlie Cabler, earning roughly $200,000 per annum, must man up, earn his salary and block Mayor Martinez from exceeding his authority.  Charlie, this is not a time to "go along to get along."

Oscar Garcia, Jr.
Rumored to be the ultimate designate of the Martinez-selected "search" committee is none other than Oscar Garcia, Jr. whose assignment as "Project Engineer" for Jacobs Engineering to facilitate the implementation of the $750,000 plan to implement the $454,000 plan for the Port of Brownsville and the industrial corridor seems tenuous.  Junior can't seem to get the funds generated for Phases II and III of that scam.  

If the mayor, in blatant defiance of the City Charter, nominates young Oscar for Airport Director, Commissioner Debbie Portillo is said to be ready to second that motion.


  1. Oscar Garcia jr. is an embarrassment to society and doesn't deserve the jobs he has been handed.....the ethically challenged mayor and dim-witted commissioner will really have sunk to new lows if they pull off this plan. Brownsville is screwed if Cabler is the best shot at controlling the mayor......has no backbone ! Uugh !

  2. Just shows how firm the alliance between Tony Martinez and Juliet Garcia remains. He hired Juliet's daughter to run his restaurant, Lola's, and she was a disaster and severly mismanaged the place. She is now gone. So now Little Oscar is being prepared for a new city position for which is is not qualified. By appointing "Baby" Oscar we can be assured that the best interests of Tony Martinez and the "Brownsville Elite" will be protected..What a farce the administration of Tony Martinez has been. Tony cannot lead, cannot manage and is out of touch with the citizens. He seems to think "downtown Brownsville" is the totality of this city. I don't think he has ever been north of his home until the old Holiday Inn was being torn down....first time I have ever seen him out of the downtown area. Tony Martinez is an incompetent DICK!

  3. cabler es igual de rata que el mayor.he contros public works,parks purchasing depts. y no esta preparado pra manejar esta cuidad.

  4. Is it possible to impeach or recall Tony Martinez? Look I'm 24 years old and I'm already tired with the politics here in Brownsville. I don't agree on the Annova LNG and especially this money drainage from the City of Brownsville. Not alot of people know this but the city allowed 22,000 dollars of tax people's money to go into Vive Discount Program which was proposed by the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce. How do I know this? I use to be a intern at the Chamber and what I saw and heard is very unbelievable. The discount program is not a success because of 3 factors. Chamber members didn't really provided discounts (10-20% off purchases really?), the misused the money to get promotional items like Vive hand sanitizers and Vive Sunglasses, and the formal president insulted the potential members. I told her the people who are signing up during our events are low-income and we needed to market more to them. Vive was meant for the low-income families here in Brownsville, we are the poorest in the nation and she said she didn't want their business because they couldn't have cycling income. 22,000 thousand dollars..... of tax payers money. Its sad of what I saw behind the scenes and I might be getting in trouble saying this stuff for the first time but seeing how Brownsville is going to hell with LNG and mismanagement, I'm speaking out. I wish something was done. I wish there was an answer.

    1. I've been wondering about that program. My understanding is that is was designed to increase Chamber of Commerce membership that had dwindled dramatically in recent years. Businesses had to be C of C members to be able to offer the discounts with the card.



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