Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blogger/Bishop Daniel Flores Publishes Prayer About Judge Olvera

From the editor:  As a backsliding agnostic, I do not pray to the supreme being or any of his subordinates, but my simplistic view of what constitutes a prayer is challenged frequently by public prayers.  While I've always thought of prayer as a private conversation between an individual and his god, public prayers, like those made typically by Pastor Brad and others before city commission meetings, seem to be directed more to the human audience than the God of the universe billions of light years away on his or her celestial throne.

The instructions given by Jesus himself at St. Matthew 6:6, King James Version, seem to get ignored:  

"But thou when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy doore, pray to thy father which is in secret, and thy father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly."

Bishop Daniel E. Flores, who also writes a blog, En Pocas Palabras, recently included a copy of his prayer to God about the service of District Judge Rolando Olvera.  Flores, with some odd capitalization,  publicly asks God to "imbue" some very good traits into Judge Olvera in the prayer published below:

Mrs. Olvera, Judge Olvera, Bishop Flores
O God

You are the source of all authority and right judgment.
On This Day When Your servant, Judge Rolando Olvera Begins His term of service, as United States District Judge.
We ask that you 'So THAT give him aid
His use of authority Imbued With Might always be right judgment.

Help him be
Humble in the Presence of power,
Kind in the Presence of anger,
Confronting conflict in Wise,
Contrary Just in judging claims.
Make him attentive to the cries of the poor, the vulnerable, the Marginalized, So THAT no interest or ambition staff slip into His assessments, and hinder the freedom and integrity of His Judgments.

That make him mindful To Whom much is Given, much is expected, and that you ', Just Judge and servant of the least, Both bless and judge.

You bless you today, and you will one day judge what good we do With your blessing. May your blessing assist him and give him courage, and May the prospect of your judgment keep him clear-eyed and sincere in the fulfillment of His duties.

We ask your blessing and protection upon Judge Olvera, His Wife and children, His family and friends. On This Day And bless all Gathered here and all public servants, Their Families, and the people They are called to serve. And make all of our hearts dwelling-places of compassion, integrity and Justice,

We ask esta Through Christ our Lord. Amen

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  1. The man appears to be almost literate.

  2. It does not take an agnostic to see that this man of god is ignorant enough to believe what he wrote. Puras pendejadas for the religious pendejos. All is lost!



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