Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Caricature of Oscar Garcia, Jr., Brownsville's Poster Boy for Nepotism

Oscar Garcia, Jr.
From the editor:  The caricature to the left is Nena's second effort since her late October stroke.   She's not totally happy with it and will likely try doing the next one outdoors where "there is more light."  

Anyone else would pinch themselves on the hour, every hour, but little Oscar just plays the role, acting as if he knows what he's doing in his latest job procured by his mommy, Juliet V. Garcia, the former president of the University of Texas at Brownsville.

While his resume' may not include a paper route, it does cover his tenure as "Operations Manager" of Carlos Marin's Su Clinica Familar, service on the Brownsville Public Utilities Board and now Project Director for Jacob's Engineering's Phase 1 in delineating where prospective industries will be located on the FM 550 industrial corridor.  

The Greater Brownsville Improvement Corporation awarded Jacob's Engineering $180,000 for the first phase of implementing of the Greater Brownsville Infrastructure & Development Plan purchased for $434,592.08 from Robin McCaffrey's Needham, McCaffrey and Associates, Inc.  Jason Hilts explained that Jacob's Engineering was the only firm to bid on implementing the expensive plan and that their Project Manager would be none other than Oscar Garcia, Jr.  Hilts introduced Oscar to the board.

Actually, young Oscar displayed some nerve even showing his face in front of the GBIC board since the fledgling medical supply company, for which the board had fronted him $250,000, had gone belly up.

None of that matters in Brownsville when you're the son or daughter of one of the city's behind-the-scenes puppet masters.  As Jason Hilts explained:  "We didn't hire Mr. Garcia.  We retained Jacob's Engineering whose Project Manager happens to be Mr. Garcia."  How's that for circular reasoning?


  1. This goes way beyond simple nepotism. It requires an additional chapter in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)".

  2. Police said they are investigating after three people were shot at a restaurant in Harlingen early Wednesday morning.

    Dallas police said four or five people were sitting at the bar in the Las Chamacas Restaurante in the 10000 block of Ed Carey Drive when the shooter and three victims began arguing at about 3:30 a.m.

    The shooter is described as a short and stocky Mexican male witnesses said had a tattoo of the a naked woman all around his neck. Police said they have no motive for the attack.

  3. Howz about a toon of Remi Garza, the other Nepotism pendejo. And while Nena is at it, why not one of you, Jim? Shit, that would be the funniest fucker of all!

    1. Ha ha ha Comment of the year!

  4. And mommy still has an office that Tony gave her. There are now potholes in the paid-for-by-paving parking lot that Ramiro Gonzalez hastily removed the Stillman shack from and dumped in Linear Park.

  5. The Mexican community here, more than any other, is unwilling to look in the mirror and acknowledge any fault. Critics are entirely correct to focus on Fatherhood when talking to Hispanic audiences... how can anyone dispute this when 70% of Mexican children born in this county are born out of wedlock. What the Hispanic community needs more than anything is a strong leader who is willing to speak the truth, and not pander to those who want to perpetually view Mexicans as victims.

  6. I saw this guy at Home Depot, Jim. He was buying rope and a shovel and a bag of big pinche nails. Maybe he'll hang himself. Aha ha ha Aha ha


  7. Little Oscar is just another leach released on the community by Julieta Garcia and her friends. In addition to Little Oscar, Julieta hired Eddie Campriano's daughter at UTB to a job for which she wasn't qualified and Campriano hired Julieta's son in law. Tony Martinez hired Julieta's daughter to "mismanage" his restaurant. This self serving elite group take care of themselves while the public pays. Julieta and her friends take advantage of the ignorance in this community!

  8. julieta's dauhter is still in town?




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