Sunday, July 16, 2017

Punk Rock Group, The Hormones, Pissed Off by Sparse Support in South Texas

by Diego Lee Rot

Diego Lee Rot, Music Reporter
for the Brownsville Observer
Jesus may have had punker Tim "Napalm" Stegall in mind when he said:  

"A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home."

Stegall, lead singer of The Hormones, recently performed in his home town of Corpus Christi at Boozer's Rock Bar to almost zero audience, then followed that up in front of almost no one at a dive in Harlingen.  One would think Tim's relatives, ex-wives, former school mates and baby mamas would have given the punkers at least a quorum.

The Hormones
Mr. Stegall complained on Facebook:

"Not a lot of our regulars showed up in either Corpus Christi or Harlingen this weekend.  But we had fun.  Gonna be a while before we see you again. Halfway back to Austin now.  Ciao."

As one of a dozen or so who braved the Kraken Lounge last month to witness Stegall and Company rock out, I didn't realize when the punker said  "see you next month" he meant Corpus or Harlingen.  

Maybe Brownsville isn't punk enough.



  1. Did these guys call themselves "THE CRASHERS" earlier this year? That might be the problem.

    1. No, The Crashers are the greatest band in the world. The Crashers are not the problem; you are.

  2. They look like pussies.

  3. Punk is as dead as new wave. No one wants it. There will be no revival of that which is a good thing for everyone else. It attracts idiots like the one in torn clothing in photo above.

  4. I once went to a comedy club in Austin and later, at the bar,one of the performers was angry and bitching about the crowd. He was mad at us for not laughing. My thought was that everyone in the club was there with the hope of hearing something funny and looking forward to laughing at it. The fact was though that he just was not funny. We were all disappointed and we all had more of a right to be angry at him for telling lame jokes then he had to be angry at us for not laughing. It kind of applies or not.

  5. This was released from the hormones facebook page. lol you guys need to stop pretending to be journalists. hahah

    Yesterday, a tabloid-style blog based out of Brownsville posted an item twisting my words around because I noted few of our regulars in Corpus Christi and Harlingen came to our shows, claiming I was "pissed off." Please note that the so-called "journalist" reported no accurate facts, including getting wrong the order in which the shows were played and no accurate attendance figures whatsoever. This is keeping in line with his previous review of our Brownsville show, which was mostly plagiarized from an ancient Austin Chronicle profile, right down to identically incorrect song titles. Then again, this individual and his wife are notorious for maintaining several fake social media profiles used to troll. I get pissed-off at irresponsible journalism (being a journalist, myself) and character assassination, not our fans. You guys rule, and we will see you in Corpus Christi and Harlingen in a few months. Just remember Chuck D's wisdom: Don't believe the hype. - Tim

  6. what a shitty, poorly written article

  7. Who wrote this article? A toddler?


    ^So this dude along with a few other losers who don't attend shows, are just a few people who have nothing better to do but blog bullshit. It's stupid shit like this that keeps out of town/out of valley bands from coming down. Fuck off losers.



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