Friday, May 5, 2017

Ben Neece, the Obvious Choice for City Commissioner, District 4

Former Municipal Judge Ben Neece is an obvious upgrade for City Commissioner, District 4.  It's not that incumbent John Villarreal isn't a nice young man.  He is, without a doubt, but has simply been unable, in six years on the job, to break the stranglehold the unapproachable Mayor Tony Martinez has over city government.

Both John Villarreal and Commissioner Rose Gowen, also running for re-election, have been in constant lockstep with Führer Martinez.

The only negatives in this otherwise clean campaign have been hurled by an obscure blogger, likely living temporarily with relatives near Donna, who claims to have been paid to "cover" the Brownsville City Commission campaign.

This irrelevant upstart has published a series of totally silly, non-factual articles calling Neece a "novice" and Villarreal a "clean-cut veteran."

Roger Lee, the OP 10.33 spokesperson, told us, unequivocally, that this blogger writing fake articles is not being paid by OP 10.33 or Mike Hernandez III.  Of course, Hernandez has been known to use surrogates to pay advocates for political propaganda.  Whoever is paying this inept outsider, if anyone, is not getting their money's worth.

On May 6, election day, Neece supporters are invited to a victory celebration at Cobbleheads Bar & Grill or as the fake reporter noted above calls it; "Cobblestones."


  1. Jim it is time you report Duardo for stalking. For him to say you have abandoned Nena, which everyone knows you would never do, means he is on your property stalking you. How else could he make such a claim? This thing is dangerous. It is time you call the police for protection. Ben's election will be remembered as an historical moment in Brownsville history.

  2. Agree Jim Ben is the best choice for downtown Brownsville

  3. Drain the Resaca!!!! You and Nena always are right on with your choice of candidates!!!