Friday, April 28, 2017

Is Joe Munguia Simply A Puppet Candidate?

Joe Munguia, who are you?  We only know the worst about you, that you're supported by Tony Martinez and Carlos Marin, who've literally raped Brownsville for self-aggrandizement.

Are you Debbie Portillo, a shy kid, propped up by Martinez and Marin to push their agenda?

We understand you sell insurance policies with enough commission to support your family.  Good job!  You're exactly what many Brownsville mom and dads want for their daughters; an adequate bread winner.

Who are you, Joe?  

What is your vision for Brownsville?  Is it Tony's and Carlos's vision?  Or do you have a personal vision?

You haven't explained yourself.


  1. He worked for Solomon Ortiz

  2. He is a puppet of Tony Martinez and Carlos Marin


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