Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Former TSC Board President Kiko Rendon Disagrees with Decision to Terminate Tercero

Franciso Rendon
While the Brownsville Herald did not send a reporter to this past Monday's meeting of the Texas Southmost College Board of Trustees to consider the possible termination of President Dr. Lily Tercero, they scrambled to put together a review of the story a day late.

Wednesday's front page story contained a quote from former Board President Francisco "Kiko" Rendon, essentially praising Tercero.  If the quote is current, not something from the paper's files, it would indicate some disagreement by Rendon with Monday's decision to terminate Tercero.

We reprint the Herald's quote:

"'We would give her objectives at the beginning of the year, and she would meet them all. At the end of the year we would evaluate her, and she did outstanding. She got us accredited and has been a real workforce for the college,” Rendon said. “We’re lucky to have had her.'

In the two meetings the new board has conducted, Tercero was not given new objectives, Rendon said."

Francisco, recently returning from an extensive vacation in Mexico, is now employed as a "consultant" by Mike Hernandez III, the Dallas car dealer, who heads the OP 10.33 advocacy group, now heavily involved in local elections.

Board Trustee Dr. Rey Garcia, the only dissenting voter in the 5-1 decision to terminate Tercero also publicly disagreed with the board:  

“I thought it was done in a very unjust manner and that this was brewing for a long time. Dr. Tercero is not perfect. She has made mistakes, and anyone lesser than her will not do any better and would have done the same thing,” Garcia said.

The Herald said Garcia described Tercero's terminatiion as a "personal vendetta."

During the executive session considering Tercero's employment, along with two other issues, Board Trustee Art Rendon left the session to confer with Dr. Tercero. The conversation appeared amicable from our view inside the Gorgas Hall.  The two hugged and Rendon left via a side door, not staying for the board vote on Tercero.

Tercero, currently dismissed with pay, faces a dismissal hearing, during which it will be determined if she was terminated with contractual "cause," meaning the board would not be obligated for her full contract.  This past spring, before the TSC elections, the former board extended Tercero's contract, which, at that time had two years to run, but, was extended for one year at her current salary of $228,000.

According to a statement by TSC,  Mike Shannon, TSC Vice President of Student Services, will serve as the interim President of TSC.  

Vice Chairman Trey Mendez said this about Shannon:  "Mr. Shannon possesses many great qualities. Among them is his ability to motivate his peers and work tirelessly on behalf of the students in the TSC district. He is the best person to lead TSC during this transition."

Board Chairman Adela Garza gave this statement: "Dr. Tercero has given many years of service to the district. However, it is time to move forward, and we ask that the community continue to support the college. Every board member wants what is best for TSC, and we will continue to work to grow the college and fulfill our mission to provide affordable high quality education to all students."


  1. Adela is working to give the insurance contract to Dino Chavez and your helping her accomplish that. You have become part of the corruption problem in Brownsville.

    1. Submit a bid this time.

  2. Your picture is of the wrong Rendon.

  3. Nobody gives two shits what he has to say!

  4. Kiko is washed up, broke, and recently took a trip where he was attempting to hustle prominent citizens in Mexico for money under the guise of "investments." He didn't run again cause he was scared to lose. What a loser

  5. In El Valle there is always mor than meets the eye. One of the confederates and masterminds of the removal of Dr Tercero is none other than former TSTC guru and now head of Cameron Workforce Solutions, Pat Hobbs. If all of the shenanigans he pulled at TSTC were made public he would be in some deep mess!

  6. Kiko Your time is gone....



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