Friday, May 20, 2016

Should We Vote for Estela Chavez-Vasquez as County Court-At-Law Position 5 Judge?

Former City Commissioner Estela Chavez-Vasquez
There are good judges, eccentric judges, inept judges and corrupt judges.  
Based on what we saw in Estela Chavez-Vasquez's brief tenure as City Commissioner, what we have observed about the nature of her law practice, we're inclined to report that she's not qualified to be County Court-At-Law Judge 5 or any other judge position.

Make no mistake, Estela is not a piece of shit, corrupt politico like Gilberto Hinojosa.  She is, in our estimation a good, young mother.  We observed her perform on the BCIC board, while monitoring her well-behaved children.  We're also impressed with her personable, supportive husband, an optometrist.

But, in her tenure on the City Commission, Mrs. Vasquez was overwhelmed.  Even when she finally started to ask questions, she did not always understand the answers well enough to press the issue.  

Her law career is essentially limited to serving as an ad litem in family court cases, typically representing a child in the foster care system.  Her law office, a remodeled older house, sits directly across the parking lot from family court in Brownsville.  Someone had a brilliant income-producing plan.  

Just below this article is a brief video resume' for Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, Estela's opponent in the County Court-At-Law Position 5 Judge race.


  1. You were far, far too kind. I do applaud your restraint, however.

  2. "Estela is not a piece of shit, corrupt politico like Gilberto Hinojosa." That's setting the bar really low. She does have thick skin, which is needed for the job.

    1. What's needed for the job is experience, that she obviously lacks. What's needed for the job is commitment, which she clearly proved she has none of when she quit as a city commissioner.

  3. It's Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

  4. She is paying her "supporters" $1,000 each to tell people she is the most qualified candidate. Check her campaign reports. Mario Saenz, Jose Trevino the list goes on. She couldn't get people to endorse her due to her lack of legal experience required and needed to run a courtroom so she bought people to convince voters that she does. Oh, and by the way she did receive a $1000 contribution from non other than the wife of Gilberto Hinojosa!

  5. Jim, in answer to the tile question the answer is "No".
    ---Captain Obvious

  6. I voted for Garcia.

  7. Cameron County wil pay. There should be some minimum test a candidate has to pass before being allowed to run for office.

  8. Nope Sorry. "Cucuy Chuy" came off like a first-rate douchebag. Wipe that douchy smirk off your face before you criticize a lady with a law degree's "photochop" you asshole. Check your company too. Convicted vote fraud felons, Bobby Wightman, a disbarred lawyer???? Great references. You do realize women make up the majority of voters, in a year with a historic female Presidential candidate, where hillary won over 70% of the vote in Cameron County? Perhaps a little "humility" and "respect" was in order, where's that macho man smirk now dumbass.



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