Friday, September 18, 2015

The Hard Work of Doling Out $5,000,000 Annually in Taxpayer Dollars

We've detailed on this blog the diversion of tax dollars into economic development and quality of life projects, the so-called 4A and 4B monies.  Back in 2012 Brownsville's both the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporations received approximately $4,500,000 each.  

Entrance of Sports Park Behind Brownsville Toyota
For the last several years the BCIC has not had full discretion with its monies with almost half already committed to debt service and annual maintenance of the Brownsville/Olmito Sports Park.  That was one of the issues likely acted on yesterday at the BCIC, but we were not able to stay for that agenda item to be discussed.

$79,786 was also requested by various organizations, typically as promotional or advertising money for some event.  Beerfest, for example, got $5,000 to advertise their annual event, as did Charro Days.  Does it surprise you that two obviously successful events, one decades old, rely on tax dollars for their initial advertising boost?  They apply because they can and it's so-called "free money," that is, taxpayer money, from the poorest city in the United States.

Even the City Manager's office gets in on the freebies with a $5,000 request for "My Brother's Keeper Community."  The Brownsville Wellness Coalition gets their $5,000 for a "Share the Love 5K" and Costumes of Americas gets $5,000 to advertise at the Harlingen Airport, etc.

All of the requests on the slide above were approved except one, bcworkshops, although three items had to be tabled until the next dispersement cycle.  

City of Brownsville Grant Writers
The City of Brownsville's Grants Coordinator and two grant writers gave a presentation/request for $75,960 over 4 years, $30,150 the first year to purchase a subscription with a grant finding software company, eCivis. Until now, the city's grant writers had used the software Grant Writer, also paid for by the BCIC.   30 "managers" within the city may use the new system, along with 20 "non-profits."


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