Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BISD Police/Student Incident Raises Questions

BISD Police Chief Oscar Garcia
An incident last month at Pace High School involving a student and a BISD police officer has raised questions. We are sending a Public Information Request to BISD Public Information Officer Drue Brown and will share the response on the blog once it's received.

"Contemplated litigation" has already been ruled not a satisfactory reason for withholding information.

Our concerns are: 

Is Officer Mark Cheramie a probationary employee?
Is there a policy in place for dealing with a BISD law enforcement officer who handles a situation inappropriately?
Does that policy involve suspending an officer with or without pay or transferring said officer to another school? 

TCOLE,  the Texas Commission on Law Enforcment, has certain requirements involving law enforcement entities formulating and adhering to policy in these matters.  Violators can face a heavy fine.


  1. I've had a run in with a security guard at Hanna last year where the sec guard acted rude and inappropriately to top it off the Hanna admin handled it poorly.It seems to me that some gaurds are not properly trained ,and do not understand that they WRK for the tax payer .from what I understand this division has many problems with respect for students and parents. some not all

  2. Would you be so kind and explain what the incident was?
    Also, SOME police officers for BISD are good individuals, others think they work for the FBI or something like that. Some women officers are rude and they talk to people like they are doing them a favor. The chief needs to give them some serious training.


  4. BISD Chief Security Guard Oscar Garcia is a JOKE.


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