Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brownsville City Commission Meeting, June 16, 2015


  1. Hey, Jim, former Channel 5 newscaster Jessie Degollado died Tuesday in a car accident. Channel 5 said she was driving her Ford Focus to a family gathering in Mexico when she was broadsided by a Mexican bus. U remember her?

    1. I remember her. That is sad. I hope she did not suffer.

    2. Jessie Degollado is still alive and well working at KSAT 12 in San Antonio. She is in the office today.

    3. Why would anyone say that? How cruel!

  2. Why does everyone look like they are having the time of their life?

  3. Same pile of shit, just a new turd

  4. Does John have a toupee?

  5. A Ford Focus? damn. She has to be 68 or 70 years old by now.

  6. ME & MY HEB:

    - That time I came in crying and asked for the ripest bananas you had, that was just a joke.

    - I would really hate for you to think that all the raw coconut water I buy means that I am very rich, or have a steady income.

    - When I enter, lurk in the chips and tortillas aisle for ten minutes, and then leave without buying anything, I’m not acting odd. That’s called a victory.

    - Don’t tell me that it’s the wine product that I like. It’s not the wine product that I like. It’s the wine product that you have. Who says I like it?

    - I didn’t actually want those canned tamales I was inquiring about yesterday. I was inquiring for a friend.

    - I know that the American Spirit organics aren’t better for you than the normal ones. I know, O.K.? I know.

    - I understand what it looks like, but a sewing kit and a two-liter bottle of prune juice is not a weird purchase. I’ll explain next time.

    - I’m glad you think it’s cute when my credit card is declined. It is cute.

    - You’re wrong: Drano is better than a plunger. And birthday-cake-flavored M&M’s are better than no M&M’s.

    - It was really very generous of me not to ask for a refund when some of those blueberries I bought turned out to be rotten.

    - And no, I don't always wear a bra. My breasts tend to hurt when trapped.

    1. Yawn . ....go away Jerry, fuck you and your H.E.B.

    2. Thank you, Bobby. Ha ha ha

  7. At least 10 people are dead after armed men attacked a beer distribution center on the outskirts of the northern city of Monterrey, Mexican authorities said Friday. Nuevo Leon State Attorney General Javier Flores told a news conference that authorities are investigating the possibility that the attack involved organized crime. He said drugs, a weapon and condoms were found at the scene.

    A state government official speaking on the condition of anonymity earlier told The Associated Press that the attackers invaded the property, demanded money from the workers and then started shooting. The official was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly. Seven people died at the scene, and three more in a hospital. The victims were all believed to be employees.

    Friday’s attack took place in the town of Garcia to the northwest of Monterrey, capital of Nuevo Leon state.

    Nuevo Leon has been affected by drug trafficking violence in recent years, although no major attacks have been reported in recent months.

  8. Danny Villanueva, a former professional football player who as a founder of the Univision network built a Spanish-language broadcasting empire spanning the United States, died on Thursday in Ventura, Calif. He was 77.

    His death, after a stroke, was announced by his alma mater, New Mexico State University.

    One of the first Hispanic-Americans in the National Football League, Mr. Villanueva was a kicker for the Los Angeles Rams from 1960 to 1964, and for the Dallas Cowboys from 1965 to 1967. He was also a television sportscaster and an executive of the Spanish International Communications Corporation, a forerunner of Univision. Based in New York, Univision is today the leading Spanish-language television network in the United States, serving nearly 30 million viewers in 57 markets.

    One of 12 children of itinerant Mexican missionaries, Daniel Dario Villanueva was born in a two-room earthen hut in Tucumcari, N.M., on Nov. 5, 1937. His father was a Methodist minister, and Danny, as he was known, was reared wherever the elder Mr. Villanueva took a pulpit, including Phoenix and Calexico, Calif. As a boy, he helped support the family by picking asparagus, watermelon and cantaloupe.

    After studying at what is now Reedley College in Reedley, Calif., the young Mr. Villanueva entered New Mexico State on a football scholarship. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English, edited the campus newspaper and was a member of the team that won the 1959 Sun Bowl, beating North Texas State 28-8.

    In 1960, after a Rams scout saw him kick a 49-yard field goal, the team signed him to a $5,500-a-year contract. Mr. Villanueva was savvy enough to request a signing bonus.

    “They gave me $200,” he told The Los Angeles Times in 1985. “They took it out of my last check.”

    He his survived by his wife, the poet Margaret Randall, and their two sons, Phil and Herbert.

    1. Wrong surviving wife!



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