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It was 10-1/2 years ago when Carlos Quintanilla, a con artist with a RICO felony conviction under his belt for bilking G. Heileman Brewing Company of $800,000, came slithering into town.

At the time, the notorious flim flam man had significant other baggage; an alleged arrearance of $85,000 in child support, $12,000 worth of hot checks and liens for "theft of property" attached to his residence at 421 S. Dwight in Dallas.

As we reported back in 2011:

It was Quintanilla, the charismatic Hispanic flim flammer, representing a rich anglo with a 4 day old airline to sell, Fly Frontera.  

The City Commission almost couldn't accept the deal fast enough, with then Mayor Pat Ahumada acting like a giddy school girl trying to convince her parents the bad boy was really "nice."  

The proposed deal was so upside down for the city as to be almost laughable:  first 23 tickets NOT sold guaranteed by the city at $135 per ticket.  That would incentivize the fledgling airline to fly empty planes as they would use less fuel and Brownsville would pay anyway.

Fly Frontera also asked for $1,500,000 up front for licensing, fuel, spare parts, etc.  

The quickly thrown together company didn't even have any planes, but Ahumada kept repeating himself when some citizens became aware of Quintanilla's multi-paged criminal record:  "Don't blame the messenger!  Carlos Quintanilla has nothing to do with the deal.  He's just the messenger!"  

Yeah, right.  Is that why the company's business address is 421 S. Dwight Ave., Dallas, TX, the address of Quintanilla's home?(Quintanilla is still fuming about the breakdown of this con, threatening  to finalize his lawsuit against me for my tiny part in snuffing out the scam.  He describes himself as "putting the finishing touches on a lawsuit agains(sic) Mr. Barton for his killing of Fly Frontera")

Actually, it was a number of Brownsville citizens who stood tall at the City Commission meeting against this dumbass proposal:  Craig Grove, Dino Chavez, Teresa Saldivar, Zeke Silva, and Laura Miniel among others.

Quintanilla returned in 2012 as front man for Ted Parker of Healthsmart, who was being sued by BISD for $14.2 million for insurance overbilling.  

Quintanilla started a Political Action Committee to fund candidates for the school board who would vote to retract the suit, Cata Presas-Garcia and Lucy Longoria.

Eventually, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Christina Saavedra and Enrique Escobedo agreed to settle the law suit for a mere pittance.

The con man had done his job.

Milk Project with Carlos Quintanilla, Cata Presas-Garcia

Next, Quintanilla turned his attention to a "charitable" con, although as Bobby Wightman-Cervantes explained in the Brownville Voice dated 2/12/2012, Quintanilla's name was not attached to this con:

"Carlos Quintanilla remains relevant because he is promising to work with BISD Trustee Cata Presas-Garcia to bring to Brownsville his flim flam claims about feeding children. 

The bogus nature of his claims are now part of his bankruptcy proceedings. The entire feeding program was a con wherein at best Quintanilla was table server of food paid for by the people of Texas. 

He now wants to sue Texas for failing to pay him $30,000 for being a humanitarian.

His partner in the feeding program is Bruce Carter, a fellow convicted felon. 

According to court documents Carter and his organization is facing a default judgment for $508,387 for non-payment for the milk used by Carter and Quintanilla to feed the children. 

Quintanilla is not a named party because like I said, Quintanilla appears to have been merely a table server for Bruce Carter."


  1. The TX house passed the voter integrity bill today. Con artists can no longer come to the valley and hire politiqueras to go harvest hundreds of votes for special interest elections. A positive development.


  2. “Tutti Frutti, aw rooty
    Tutti Frutti, aw rooty”

  3. The voter integrity bill cannot stop the politiqueras. Just look at what party uses it. What party doesn't want an ID to vote? What party wants 24 hour voting places? What party wants 24 hour voting drop off boxes? What party wants drive up voting? What party tell you it's racist to show an ID? What party tells you to be afraid to vote if you're an minority and they ask you for an ID to vote? I'm Hispanic and I'm not afraid to show an ID to vote. I'd like to know the identity of the minority that's afraid to show an ID to vote. I want that person to come forward and tell us he's afraid. I want to know who this individual is. Identify yourself. I want to know the identity of that intelligent person.

    1. I'm Hispanic and I'm afraid to go vote. I don't know why I'm afraid but the Democratic party tells my I should be afraid. So I am afraid.

    2. Your comedic shtick, Trumpian humor at its best/worst is easily recognized.

    3. You think it's comedic but it's true. The Democrats actually tell minorities this. THIS IS FACT JIM. Voter ID is racist. Showing ID scares away minorities. Why do you say it's comedy if that is what the Democratic tells us. It might be comedy to you but it's fact.

    4. Why don't they identify the idiots that are afraid to vote because they are ask for an ID? I want to know who they are. Post a picture of them. I want to see what the pendejos look look like.

  4. Jim, you may be a little off in the head. Juan Montoya said that Carlos Quintanilla was named "Texan of the Year" in 2012. Maybe you're just jealous of Hispanic accomplishment.

    1. No a reader suggested in the Dallas News said he is person of the year. No one made such a finding.

    2. That's correct he was only "nominated" by a crony. Montoya did run with the story, though. Perhaps, Quintanilla slipped Juan some moolah or he may simply have been conned. Many were fooled by the slick con artist. I remember Ben Neece telling me at the time that I was wrong about the guy.

  5. Jim you wish you could achieve what I have done for Latinos...2012 and you have nothing better to write. In 8 years I have bee busy making history for Latinos in Dallas.

    1. Sued Quality Sausage related to 2 COVID Deaths, one of the largest Meatpacking plants for negligence and mistreatment of workers during the height of the COVID epidemic
    2, Sued Farmers Branch for the wrongful murder of Jose Cruz and obtained a murder conviction of the Police Officer who killed him.
    3 Able to get Breakfast in the Classroom in every school in Dallas Independent School District.
    4. Organized 164 homeowner to sue Trinity Infrastructure settling for 11 million dollars.
    5. File a class action lawsuit on behalf of 64 homeowners who were defrauded by Pauline Coronado recouping their money and or their homes.
    6. Through our Advocacy we were able to significantly reduce the illegal sale of Appointments to the Mexican Consulate and as a result over 100,000 Mexican nationals were able to obtain appointments and urgently needed passports. My advocacy reached the President of Mexico who ordered an investigation by his Secretario of Relaciones Exteriores.
    7. Succeffully held a series of outdoor rodeo Events attended by thousands every weekend.
    8. Organized Expo Mujer a 3 day Expo empowering Latino Women next event we will invite you to be a keynote Speaker to talk about how you demean women and Latinos.
    9. Finally ran for Congress in 2016 beating the Incumbent Democratic Congressman by 700 votes in Dallas losing Ft Worth. At least I tried, who knows maybe 2022 will be the year.

    I could go on and on wasting my time with you but I have better things to do.

    Regards and Happy Holidays

    1. ?!
      !!My brotha aint you top 5 scammers scam?!???//

  6. Vote for Carlos Quintanilla